Mall shopping and online shopping!

Shopping now comes in two forms: one is shopping in malls, that is, shopping in physical stores, and the other is shopping on the Internet.Now they tend to shop online because it is cheap, convenient and more in line with their shopping mentality.But the disadvantage is that sometimes the actual goods and sales pictures do not match, but because the purchase is not expensive things, often also can make do with.Shopping in physical stores, because you can directly see, smell, touch, hear, taste, etc., so, the purchase of goods must be in line with their requirements of quality.One of the biggest problems for me when shopping at the mall is bargaining.I’m a terrible bargain hunter, so when it comes to buying something that requires a bargain, I don’t buy it at all.Second, when I buy things in physical stores, the enthusiasm of the shop assistants will make me very frightened, but discourage my purchase behavior.Thirdly, they do not want to buy too expensive clothes, but many of them are priced too high, which not only frustrates them, but also may be disdained by shop assistants.There is no such embarrassment on the Internet, I can take my time to browse and find the items that suit me, including the quality and price of the items.Although sometimes receive goods have some dissatisfaction, but now the online shopping is more and more intimate, finally can basically achieve satisfaction.But I rarely buy anything big online. I only hear about young people buying all kinds of big things.But I always worry about the inconvenience of buying something big, so I prefer to buy it in a physical store.It’s hard to say which shopping is better now. Both kinds of shopping have their advantages and disadvantages.Now, it is said that physical stores are destroyed by online stores, but as a consumer, the shopping experience in physical stores is not good, sometimes worse than the online shopping experience.Of course, this is specific to the items purchased, such as clothing in particular.If a physical store is not so expensive, of course you would like to buy in a physical store.When you buy something in a physical store, of course, you tend to buy famous stores and products, because it is a kind of reputation.This kind of reputation represents the service and quality of the goods, so even if it is a little expensive, they are willing to buy from such stores.Having said all that, it’s still not clear which is the better way to shop.It seems that we can’t say it in such a general way. We need to be more detailed in order to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of different shopping methods.Guys, tell us what you think about different ways of shopping.

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