Zlatan ibrahimovic told Adriano galliani to sell the team and not me

Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke to Italian Radio 105 yesterday about how he first joined the club and was forced to leave.Talked about his new book “the adrenaline” I am satisfied with the book, it tells the story of a part of my life, the feedback is positive, I feel happy and proud, I want to give the story to you, when I decided to speak, I don’t have anything to hide, everything I do involves the adrenaline, now that I’m not playing,I need to release it in a different way. Adrenaline is what keeps you going. It keeps you motivated.At first I didn’t control myself and used to scream and “attack” them, but now that I’m more mature, I’m able to deal with it better and the referees are aware of the change in my attitude and performance.When it comes to injuries, it’s a very difficult situation. I’ve had very few injuries throughout my career, but in recent years I’ve had a lot of injuries, sometimes really bad ones.But only Zlatan ibrahimovic can decide when to stop. Many people say I am past my sell-by date, but that only encourages me.In terms of the way serie A is going this year it seems to me that the league is very even, whoever is in the best form in February and March will win the title, and also because everyone else is playing in the knockout stages of Europe.When I first came to Serie A, it was a different league, with a lot of superstars. Today it’s more about the whole team. If I can win with this Milan team, it will give me more satisfaction than 10 years ago.I love him so much, I was not happy when I was playing for Barcelona, I didn’t have any adrenaline and Adriano [Galliani] called me and said: “Now you should go back to Italy, this time to play for Milan.”He came straight to my house and said, “I’m not leaving until you say yes.”He was a gentleman and I was happy again with Adriano galliani and Silvio Berlusconi, and in the end everything went well and we won the title.But when I left, I was so angry with Galliani that I didn’t speak to him for eight months.Because I said to Adriano galliani: “You can sell the team except Zlatan ibrahimovic” and he promised not to sell me, but in the summer he explained the situation to me and sold me to Paris. I was not happy.I didn’t have to go back to Europe. I went to America to play because I had a bad injury and I had a good life in America.It was Mino [Laiola] who manipulated everything, he convinced me to come back to Milan, it wasn’t planned, everything stopped in Europe and there needed to be a zlatan earthquake.When it comes to my future, I’m confident in what I’m doing. I don’t know how far I can go, but I always try to push beyond the limit. Why settle for average when you can be bigger?Let’s see what the future holds.I’m curious about a lot of things, like being an actor, it gets my adrenaline going, but there’s nothing like football, I have to make a difference, I have a lot of plans, but I choose to focus on being a football player, and when I come back, I’m going to shake the whole stadium.

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