Hangzhou Xiaoshan: establish civilized funeral worship sweep new wind

Xinhua News Agency client Zhejiang Channel April 7 (reporter Xu Shunda)White chrysanthemums were neatly placed on a table at the entrance of the eastern cemetery in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou.After queuing up to register for the ceremony, citizens can get a bunch of chrysanthemums for free. Meanwhile, the staff will also hand over a booklet with propaganda content about civilized funeral and sacrifice.”This is by the Xiaoshan district civilization office, district civil affairs bureau jointly organized the civilization sweep propaganda activities and ‘ten thousand flowers free to send’ public welfare activities.”Xiaoshan District civil affairs bureau related person in charge of the introduction, just past qingming Festival, Xiaoshan in the towns and streets to promote the worship of flowers, green tree planting, remote offering, network worship, collective public offerings and other civilized worship, advocate the general public to more environmental protection, health, safety, civilized way to the deceased.In recent years, Xiaoshan, with “civilized funeral” as the incision, continues to push forward the work of changing customs and customs, guide citizens to abandon bad funeral habits and advocate a new trend of civilization.At the same time, the department has built a special rectification platform, launched the 100-day rectification action, gave full play to the exemplary and leading role of Party members and cadres, carried out theme activities such as “CHANGING customs and changing customs, I take the lead”, and let the wind of civilized funeral into the mind and heart.Flower worship, online worship has gradually become a new public worship.”Birth, aging, illness and death are important matters concerning the people’s livelihood. They concern every family and every individual.”We hope to continue to promote the virtue of nourishing people and burying people in thin burials in society and promote a new trend of civilization through the combination of rigidity and softness.”District civilization do concerned person in charge said.Next, xiaoshan work will further deepen the transform social traditions, advocate civilized funeral service, strictly implement the noise, it is strictly prohibited in the feudal superstitious activities such as “four absolutely” “six rein” requirement, strengthen the social supervision, standardize problem disposal process, strictly control new village funeral service points, to advocate citizens center funeral service area to the funeral service center and other places;Special measures will be carried out, focusing on noise nuisance, the tin foil industry, funeral stores, funeral workers, etc.We will strengthen the autonomy of village communities, fully implement the Red and white Council, revise village rules and regulations, standardize the funeral operation rules, and realize local culture and civilization.

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