Hot blister feet, is health or disease?The doctor tells you three correct ways to soak your feet

Old people often say that cold begins at the feet;The old man also said that old roots and old feet are the first to wither..From above these, can see foot this place, with human body health inseparable.Therefore, since ancient times, Chinese people are used to soak their feet in hot water.So how to correctly soak feet, in order to maximize the role?Today we are going to talk about some things you need to know about soaking your feet.1, help sleep: hot water feet can make the foot blood circulation more smooth, reduce blood flow to the brain, so that people have a sense of sleepiness.So foot soaking has the effect of calming the mind and improving sleep quality.2, dredge channels and collaterals: there has been a saying in Traditional Chinese medicine that “channels and collaterals, slow all diseases”.And our sufficient ministry is full of a lot of meridians, so bubble foot can have dredge the effect of meridians.3, dispel cold: especially in winter, many people have cold hands and feet, and the appropriate hot water feet can promote blood circulation, improve the phenomenon of cold hands and feet.4, pain relief: hot blister feet can not only promote blood circulation, but also reduce body pain, such as back pain, bone pain and headache.1. Choice of foot bath equipment: wooden barrels, ceramic barrels, or more professional foot bath barrels should be selected, which have the effect of heat preservation and massage.However, it should be noted that the foot tub should avoid metal, because metal may produce chemical reactions with the medicine package used when soaking feet, causing harm to the human body.2, the water temperature of 38~42 degrees is appropriate: many people feel that the hotter the water is, the better the effect of soaking feet.Actually this kind of idea is wrong, overheated water temperature can destroy the skin cuticle, make the skin more dryness, and can have the risk of scalding.3, the water level is better than the calf: the muscle on the calf has a great contribution to blood reflux, so the appropriate hot bath can play a role in relaxing the calf muscles and accelerating blood circulation.This is all the content of this article, I hope to help you, if you have other problems can also leave a message to me in the comment section, follow me pay attention to dermatology Luo Shuai cold weather, health problems know.

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