Suggest “yellow skin, sensitive muscle” woman, encounter these 2 creams do not miss, lift bright repair two not by mistake

Skincare products are in full swing, with dazzling brands and comprehensive benefits, especially international brands such as Lancome and La Mer.Its exquisite appearance and high price, let many salaried people flinch, but there is no lack of “warriors”.Even if you have been eating dirt for months, you will be willing to buy a set of skin care products that you dream of.As we all know, this kind of effort doesn’t pay off, because skin care products only work when used consistently, and they don’t work well over time.On the contrary, because of state of mind problems, the effect of skin care will be greatly discounted, overlapping use of skin care products of different functions, easy to cause the effect of hedging and even sensitive skin.The most important thing for skin care is moisturizing.Only water embellish skin ability appears exquisite and smooth, lack of water also is the skin dark yellow, coarse main reason.In addition, long-term water shortage will also cause spots, oil and water imbalance and other problems.Creams are really the simplest and most effective way to fight oxidation and aging.Face cream is also a kind of skin care products handed down from generation to generation.Therefore suggest “yellow skin, sensitive muscle” woman, encounter these 2 creams do not miss, lift bright repair two not by mistake.1. Honey Pear Six Peptide Cream This is a Japanese face cream, a Japanese civilian face cream, cost-effective.Is the real quality and price of skin care products.In terms of efficiency, it also won the top prize in Japan.After being introduced into China, li Jiaqi live broadcast sold a surprising number of sales, by many skin care experts Amway.The popularity has to do with moderation.Honey pear Six Peptide cream can repair blue light damage.The cocoa molecule titanium in the ingredient enhances skin protection, while the oat core ingredient has a good effect on brightening skin tone and qualitatively improving overall skin condition.The cream is light in flavor, without any fragrance, with a pale yellow texture and a moisturizing upper face that is easy to push away.Moistening feeling is sufficient, refreshing and moistening, continuous use is very effective in improving water and oil secretion.It doesn’t feel good when you use it for the first time, but after you use it for a period of time, the skin gradually becomes tight and delicate, and even pores become smaller, obviously filling the frame structure of the skin, the lines on the face become lighter, and the color of the skin becomes even and shiny.It’s really worth it.Ecovi N4 Face Cream This is a Korean cosmeceutical hyposensitive face cream.It is specially developed for sensitive skin care products.Its ingredients are based on Chinese herbal medicine.It’s mild enough to moisturize and lock in water effectively.It is especially effective in improving damaged skin.It can gradually repair sensitive muscles and costs less than 100 yuan.The ingredients “glycerin” make this cream more moisturizing and can hold water deeply, while the ingredients “eucommia ulmoides” can slow down the aging rate of skin and slow down the loss of collagen, and the ingredients “oat” is a well-known antioxidant that reduces irritation and keeps skin glowing.The milky texture on the face is moist and delicate, while the high-nutrient essence of small molecules can be easily absorbed by the skin, so you can feel moist and full after use.After several colleagues use this cream, it has greatly improved the fine lines and dry lines on the face, which is also the reason why many netizens and Li Jiaqi highly recommend it, especially easy to use.Sisters with dry skin want quick hydration.They can warm up with a towel and hydrate effectively.Finally, they can moisturize with this cream and improve very quickly.But dry skin sisters, long-term moisturizing can also make the skin relaxed and smooth, can greatly reduce the initial oil secretion.The two creams I shared today are both good for repairing sensitivity and brightening skin.They are the most cost-effective skin care products in Korea and Japan. They are very easy to use and very affordable.Sisters can choose according to their own, let the skin look better, keep white water embellish, worth starting with.

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