The new vaccine will be available in Greece next month

China News on February 3As COVID-19 continues to spread in Greece, Marios Siemistocles, secretary general for primary health care at the Greek Ministry of Health, announced on Monday (local time) that The country will start using the Novavax vaccine from March, the Sino-Greek Times reported.The novavax vaccine reportedly requires two shots, spaced 3-4 weeks apart.Novavax, a US pharmaceutical company, said its vaccine had a 100% protection rate against severe COVID-19 cases and an overall protection rate of more than 90%.Mosseenis Salyanis, professor of environmental engineering at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, recently predicted that the epidemic phase of the Novel Coronavirus omicron variant will end in April.But he also stressed that the downgrading of the pandemic would be slow due to the rise in new cases and slowing vaccination rates.He added that the number of new confirmed cases in Greece could reach about 31,000 a day by February 22, as booster vaccination rates fall and new infections continue to rise.On the other hand, Nix Zanakis, a professor of pulmonary disease at the University of Crete, said, “There will be a significant improvement at some point, but the end of the epidemic is still far away.By the end of spring, however, the overall picture could be more positive than it is now.”Greece has reported 18,825 new novel Coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, including 106 new deaths, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced on Tuesday evening.(Cai Ling)

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