Galactus win the first battle, Chengdu AG3:1 Hangzhou LGD goose, a Norosun Shangxiang output explosion

In the first round of KPI Spring competition on February 11, 2022, Chengdu AG and Hangzhou LGD Goose of Group A attracted the attention of numerous fans.On the one hand, Hangzhou LGD goose auxiliary position small north is transferred from Chengdu AG, on the other hand, Chengdu AG starting personnel made adjustments, single by veteran xiao Ying replaced Jiu Cheng.The cooperation between the old teammates is more tacit understanding, among them, the sun Shangxiang is in the last match output explosion.The first game, Chengdu AG took out gongsun Li, CAI Wenji lineup system, and Hangzhou LGD goose orange Youjing, Jinchan system although more control, but the output capacity is insufficient.In the early stage of the competition, only 7 minutes later, laughing shen Mengxi was taken down by Hangzhou LGD goose for walking in front.But then The Chengdu AG Luna play bright eye, one after another to seize hangzhou LGD goose dropped points, back to the game.The game came to the middle, the two sides in the middle of the group, Chengdu AG hit a change, then the early morning Luna won the tyrant, expanded the economic advantage for Chengdu AG.In 15 minutes of the final battle, although yi Nuo gongsun from the control, but early morning luna no one can limit, the use of big move refresh skills to complete the three kill, won the game.In the second game, Hangzhou LGD goose came up with their own expertise – big Joe system, this system is hangzhou LGD goose famous hero system.In the early stage of the game, both sides are almost doing resource exchange.6 minutes, Hangzhou LGD big goose LAN take dominate, 8 minutes, early morning mirror take tyrant.Subsequently, the two sides in the side with the line exchanged two towers.In 15 minutes, Lv bu took down the second tower of Hangzhou LGD Goose, but Chengdu AG’s own highland tower was also worn by hangzhou LGD goose’s big Joe system.In the battle for the Storm Dragon King after 20 minutes, Hangzhou LGD goose’s wild position won the storm Dragon King, with a huge economic advantage group destroyed Chengdu AG, recover a point.In the third game, Chengdu AG selected the amazing Luban system again.In the first two minutes, Mengqi against Lu Aze grabbed the master in hangzhou LGD big goose, adding a lot of experience and economic advantage to the team.To the middle of the game, early morning Na Ke Lulu play bright eyes, one after another won two heads, for the team to expand the advantage.The most critical thing is that at this time, Hangzhou LGD goose as the core system of Ma Chao, has been killed many times, as the only can have a breakthrough, kill Chengdu AG Lu Ban hero has been scrapped.Then, with a huge economic advantage, Chengdu AG Nuo’s Luban output explosion, won the game.In the fourth game, Chengdu AG elected Sun Shangxiang, too b true person really sweet combination.As the late lineup, the early Chengdu AG deliberately avoided the battle, the first 6 minutes of peaceful development of both sides, but Sun Shangxiang of Yino with taib real person, has an economic advantage.7 minutes, early morning Zhao Yun won a blood, although hangzhou LGD goose xi Shi pulled back to gather fire, but at this time Chengdu AG has a huge economic advantage.In the following group war, one nuo’s Sun Shangxiang hit a series of 1 for 3, 1 for 4 record, won the game.In the end, Enoch produced 42 percent of his output and was named MVP of the game.Chengdu AG’s first match proved to the audience that Galacticos is still very strong, especially one nuo, chu Chen this kind of old players, can still use Luna, Sun Shangxiang, Zhao Yun and other old heroes to play A good record, in group A is absolutely crushing position.

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