Old bestie: while everyone else is enjoying himself, this son-in-law is struggling for life

It’s very relaxing to share your feelings about watching a drama while you’re watching it.Today, we continue to talk about the TV series “Old Girlfriends” broadcast by CCTV 8.I was touched by a nobody feng Qiang last night and even shed tears for him.Life is not easy, the other people in the play are enjoying, it seems that only Feng Qiang is struggling for life.The five old ladies on the TV series “Old Girlfriends” are going from strength to strength after a few things.Good sisters help Doctor Liu get an apology, and worried about the cafe may will be demolished, will soon find Irene out of the secret.These things are the booster of old bestie group pension, look at these plots, will only move five old bestie friendship, but can touch the hearts of the people or little feng Qiang toss.Some young men in the play.The story of the tan that the career has always and Bao Bei Lei is not the feelings of marriage person and female strong person upgrade, Huang Mingxuan and light snow are guard and the two-way rush off after be guarded, basically without what suspense.Yuhong’s daughter after divorce in the career is also more and more smooth, only her ex-husband Feng Qiang is still struggling for life.What kind of person is Feng Qiang?In the eyes of his ex-wife love vanity, account only 30 thousand yuan liquidity also dare to boast outside assets 10 million, wearing fake brand packaging himself, wedding anniversary to his wife to buy fake brand bag.Unwilling to find a job down to earth, intent on starting a business, but always fail.He had no wife and no son.Send son to school, son did not change pajamas, was laughed at by classmates.He sent his son to graduate school, but his son was late and did not catch the school bus. He took a taxi to the bus stop.I finished my son’s school work and bought a house for sacrifice.Feng didn’t want a divorce. He fought for custody of his children to save his marriage.But when he really divorced, he did not ignore the child, or want to spend two days with his son on weekends, he is also trying to change.In order to pull business, he opened a laundry room in the home, was complained by neighbors, driven by the property community.In order to reduce fines, he even asked to clean up the walls of his neighborhood.In order to make a living, in order to start a successful business, he worked hard, not afraid of being laughed at, and finally moved the property manager to contact him with a school laundry business project.Feng Qiang is a representative character.In the eyes of others, he is a very mediocre person, even with many shortcomings, but he is filial to his parents.Divorced from his parents, went to his in-laws’ house for a weekly family reunion.The handmade work he bought for his children was the house of a sacrificial shop, and he asked his ex-wife to help him explain that his in-laws might misunderstand him.He’s actually a very family-oriented guy.It’s just that he misunderstood the direction of the effort.He thinks that if he works hard, he can give his wife and son a happy home, but he ignores what his wife and son really need.He couldn’t say it the right way.He remembers his wedding anniversary with his wife and buying a fake bag because he couldn’t afford a designer one.He also loved his son and bought him many toys, but he didn’t know what company his son needed.After the divorce feng Qiang did not complain, but very hard work, just want to prove themselves.Since his divorce, he has been quietly reinventing himself.For example, he opened a laundry room at home and washed many clothes by hand, just to save money.He went to pick up the kids from his ex-wife’s office and reminded her to take care of her health.So we can guess that he and Lulu Huang will get back together.It also shows that people who work hard in life are rewarded.

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