Everyone is responsible for helping the big screen

In the nucleic acid test for all members of the city on March 27, the whole city made concerted efforts and mobilized all the medical staff, sinking cadres, community workers and volunteers to take action one after another. Everyone made efforts and competed for the lead, and successfully completed the nucleic acid test for all members.On the morning of The 27th, Liu Cuiying, a nurse in the Obstetrics and gynecology department of Tianjin Central, had just finished her night shift in Jingshuiyuan community, Xiangyang Road Street, Nankai District.Instead of going home to rest, however, she went straight to the community Party service centre.”I am usually busy with work and can’t catch up with the community testing work. I want to do volunteer work, but I can’t find an opportunity.I just got off the night shift today and finally caught up with the community nucleic acid test.I’m a medical worker and I want to help the community with my expertise.”As soon as she entered, Liu cuiying gushed about her visit.Although the community secretary thought liu Cuiying had just finished the night shift and needed a rest, she hoped that she would have the opportunity to volunteer again in the future, but she was unable to persuade her: “I can insist, I am also a medical worker, I hope to make a contribution to the nucleic acid testing in our community.”Liu Cuiying not only insisted on participating in the on-site volunteer work of nucleic acid testing, but also took the initiative to join the team of door-to-door testing. Wearing thick protective clothing, she climbed stairs one by one.In the morning, she and her teammates went to 16 households to conduct nucleic acid tests for 23 people with mobility difficulties.After the rush, Liu took off her protective clothing, which was already soaked with sweat, but she did not go home until the nucleic acid test for the whole community was completed.Although she did not have a good rest after the night shift, she was able to serve the community and make her own contribution to the fight against the epidemic. “I am tired and happy,” liu said. “I hope everyone can take action and work together to fight against the epidemic and defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.”(Zhang Tong, Rong Media Center, Nankai District)

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