There is an old saying: snatching the razor, he drove it straight into the heart that had been beating for him for ten years

Everybody is good!It’s time to share with you again. As a big fan of reading, I decided to share my excellent novels with you who also like reading. If you like, please click the bookmark to read.The old saying: grabbed the razor and drove it straight into the heart that had been beating for him for ten years.The first: “doctor princess alone pet qiao husband gentleman” author: jade ye introduction: the dark night organization of the 21st century has a versatile killer called an Xuetang, but she passed through.On the first day of the trip, he was sold to a disabled man as his wife, rumored to be both crippled and violent.Into the pit guide: An Xuetang up the mountain, Mo Yunjing tried to pinch his legs, still no feeling.He looked at the snakes in the corner, and as if sensing something, they suddenly looked up at him.Then he stretched out his hand to one of the little snakes, which hesitated for a moment and crept slowly towards him.Climb up his legs and slowly climb up his PAWS.Mo Yunjing was shocked. He hooked his lips and slowly stroked his head with his other hand.The snake seemed to enjoy himself, his whole body limp and limp in his palm.Mo Yunjing crossed his lips and whispered, “What did she do to you?”For some reason, her phrase ‘I am a snake spirit’ popped into his head, and for a moment he believed it.It was the first time in more than twenty years that he had seen a man who could teach a snake to behave so well.The young snake opened her eyes and looked at Ink yunjing, then crouched down again, rubbing her head against his palm.Mo Yunjing laughed, with a hint of indulgence he did not detect, “you this languid lazy look like she just woke up.”A man and a snake were playing when suddenly the little snake took an aggressive stance and stared at the yard door.Ink yunjing eye color also a heavy, he narrowed his eyes, reached out to pick up the stones on the side.He heard someone approaching, but was surprised by the snake’s reaction.At this point, not only the small snake in his hand, those snakes in the corner are also looking at the yard door with vigilance.(click below to read for free) the second book: “group pet small make essence reborn into full level big guy” author: Wulian Guoguo introduction: the previous life was abused and died, after the rebirth she abused slag all the way never soft.However, how did she suddenly become a man of full rank: the youngest father of tianmen School!Is she!Qyellow valley first magic doctor!Is she!The number one killer in the Whisker House!I was her!Enter pit guide: “did not hurt me, however you this common female idea can be big.”Su Yanchu continued, “I overheard her talking with Yun Qianzhong about taking away the true feng blood from me.”She couldn’t just talk about a lifetime ago, that’s all she could say.Of course, she did not hear of their plans, but from the fact that they prevented her from agreeing to yun Bei Han’s marriage, it can be seen that they had already begun to plan to seize her blood from this time.So their mind must have been there.She didn’t insult them.Hearing this, Su Shengnian’s face changed.He had also felt strange, before the good daughter of Su Yanran is quite good, as if a few days ago suddenly changed.I guess you overheard it a few days ago?”Are these two so bold?If so, then Su Yanran and cloud thousands of heavy, leave them!”Su Shengnian’s face also became cold and serious, “somebody!”(click below to read for free) the third book: “Flourishing age of the sweet doctor’s wife does not marry” author: Jin Chi Introduction: ancient saying: a snatched razor, straight into the heart that had been for him and fresh beat for ten years.At that time, Fan Qingyao was the daughter of a famous family.But she poisons and defies the party loyal and virtuous, recognize thief as father, threaten close relatives to seek power for him to win the throne.His brother was burned to ashes, and his sister became a whore of oppression.She was squeezed dry value into the cold palace, dead in his hands under the boning knife.When she opened her eyes again, she was ten years old again.People or those people, things or those things, but Fan Qingyao vowed to turn the tide!Seriously ill mother, waste sister, unknown brother, she wants to personally seek a happy life for them, bright future.Into the pit guide: Prince prince, we can not send jade?A very sweet taste from the jade slowly spread out, the taste is very light, light seems to have no people can not catch, and as if around the nose does not spread light smell can smell.Fan Qingyao’s body suddenly froze.The smell was so familiar to her that she was sure she had smelt it in her last life.But where…She couldn’t think of one at the time.100 li Fengming looked at in front of this gas gas began to soul swim sky little girl, but lightly smiled, “this Kunlun jade has please protect the country temple nebula master opened light, and warm in winter and cool in summer, you remember to wear is always close.”Fan Qingyao replied with a frown, “You already gave me several pieces.”A hundred miles fengming smile good-looking, “but do not see you wear.”She glared at him. “What if I don’t wear this?”He looked her in the eye. “THEN I’ll keep sending them until you want to wear them.”(Click below to read it for free.) If you like it, follow me.If you have good novels, you can share them in the comments. I will recommend them to you from time to time. Let’s read some books and relax ourselves.Abuse article: a woman who once squatted in prison actually let business all-powerful leaf total marry her abuse love: you dare to die!If you die, I will be buried with you!Cold little maple angry exhaust “four ye, your wife and horse” four ye looked at the arms of the wife don’t cry I love “daughter divorced wife” he quietly looked at the ground bleeding more than her, eyes cold as a knife!Because she fell in love with someone she shouldn’t, she became a lame ugly duckling

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