Zhangjiajie Huanglongdong scenic area gesture dance blessing winter Olympics

Hand in hand to the Winter Olympics, together to the future!Two “tiger babies” at the Huanglongdong Scenic spot in Zhangjiajie recorded a gesture dance video with staff at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, to pay tribute to the Winter Olympics and cheer for athletes.Tiger Spring Festival every Winter Olympics, tiger force to send blessings.This Spring Festival, huanglong scenic area in addition to conducting block door wine, waving dance, play zi ba, popcorn, and other colorful traditional customs in the activity, every day there are two tall wham, form expression cute lovely tiger cubs doll from time to time throughout the scenic infested and participate in various activities, from time to time and from visitors interaction, was deeply loved by the masses of tourists, especially the children.(Correspondent Li Yuanming)

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