Dalian people team or to play China a

Today, on the Dalian team fill into the super message here and there.To say the truth, as an ordinary fan who has followed the glory of dalian’s football, I still hope dalian people will play in China’s first division.Many dalian fans hope dalian team can smoothly fill into the Super league, the reason is the love of the team, the second is the face of the matter (can not accept the fact that Dalian people play in the first)!In today’s Chinese football, especially men’s football, there are many things that cannot be recognized by the majority of fans who love football and love Chinese football.I won’t go into details, but anyone who cares knows exactly what happened.But WHAT I want to say is, no matter what you do, you should follow its rules and laws!Since the rules are so set, as a person who loves Dalian, I even have all kinds of reluctant TO give up I also accepted the fact that Dalian people play the first team.In fact, playing in China a is not the end of the world, strength does not allow to play in the super league, it can only go to the secondary league.Because if you want to rise from the ashes, you have to learn to accept the reverse.Believe that after playing in a, dalian team will again enter the super.Because we have enough heritage, we have many football fans who love football incomparable, we have the football attribute that other cities do not have, that is, football has already entered our life in Dalian.Other people watch football, I love football.Dalian demoted that day I was really uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, but I am a rule and rule of the people, so I choose dalian team from the first into the Super.Maybe the Dalian team can really fill into the super, but I am not happy.Because, this fully exposed the Chinese football through a hundred holes, the environment is not good, the Dalian team into the Super league is nothing to be happy about!We have wasted decades, when will we see our football (men’s football) moving in the right direction?Or blessing Chinese football, because we are all Chinese!

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