Honest talk, promote youth growth

In order to further enhance the market supervision system of the newly entered workers of honesty and self-discipline consciousness and ability to perform their duties, on the afternoon of March 24, the market supervision Bureau party members, in the bureau of discipline inspection group leader Wu Jun and his party went deep into the Anhui East Inspection and Testing Institute to carry out honest education talk talk forum for young comrades,More than 10 new young comrades and Xu Ling, secretary of the Party general Branch and president of Anhui East Hospital since 2020, participated in the discussion.At the meeting, the young comrades combined with their own reality, talked about the ideological status since the work, the growth process and personal perception and experience.Have said that we must cherish the good situation of chuzhou inspection and testing development, based on their own duties, love and dedication, strengthen learning, have the courage to contribute, do “learn more, ask more, practice more”.School party secretary and dean Xu Ling combined with actual situation fully affirmed the young comrade’s work performance, and hope they will improve the political quality, strengthening the test detection theory study and practice, combining the predecessors study more, to do a line loves a line, drying line designed a line, in the work more sharpening, self-motivated, is growing up.After listening to everyone’s speech carefully, the discipline inspection and supervision group in the bureau gave the young comrades fully affirmed and guided the young comrades to take the symposium as an opportunity, firm ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, buckle the “first button” of clean work, good at discovering the risk of clean government.The discipline inspection team in the bureau will also be strict in discipline and love, so that young comrades will not take detdetments in their working life, and better grow up through learning, thinking and practice.City bureau party members, in the bureau discipline inspection group leader Wu Jun also put forward expectations and requirements for young comrades: one to further improve ideological understanding, abide by the rules, know awe, abide by the rules and regulations, do the political wise man, set a good position, do not compare, self-respect and introspection;Second, we should further correct our attitude, strengthen honesty and self-discipline, bear the spirit of dedication, temper our own morality and behavior, combine the knowledge we have learned with the professional knowledge of inspection and testing, keep the empty cup mentality, let yourself become a battery, often learn often new;Three to further respect teachers, care for colleagues, come up with young people should have the spirit into chuzhou inspection and testing work, to have youthful spirit, ideas, courage, courage, dare to pioneering work, strive to become the main force of inspection and testing work as soon as possible, to make their own contributions to the cause of market supervision.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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