How high is the appearance level of the Mongolian grassland tribe?Actually out of 18 queens, 16 emperor’s son-in-law

Preface:Believe that many people have heard of a popular Internet memes, that is “56 nationalities, 55 a sing” han as family population, compared to the other’s exotic nation, is slightly inferior in good ways, especially those beautiful girls in xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, was born heavy, high nose bridge, let a person envy,And there are a lot of very high appearance level of popular stars, are from ethnic minorities.But when it comes to people who are truly famous for their beauty, the hongjira tribe of the ancient Mongolian steppe is one of them.Formation of Hongjilar Tribe Hongjilar tribe originally live in the Erguna River, gen River valley is one of the Mongolian tribes, is around the 12th century on the Mongolian plateau one of the larger nomadic tribes.Hongjira, which means brown horse in Turkic, is a tribe of Dielijin Mongolia, famous for its beautiful women.As a child, Genghis Khan was betrothal to Borte, daughter of the borthur chief of his tribe.At that time, the politics of The Hongjira tribe was in a state of polarization. Led by Thamuko Aman, he had participated in the activities of the anti-Mongol alliance for many times, while Texue Chan supported Genghis Khan at this time. In order to show his position, he was the first to submit to genghis Khan and made his daughter marry him.In 1170 temujin married Borte, daughter of Hongilabut Schechen.Hong ji spine tribal beauty and talent in queens hong ji spine tribal people as if see the face of appearance, most people grow very beautiful, dignified and beautiful, and the color is bright and clean, although Mongolia grassland people grow is not bad, but a woman can and so many people in a tribal attractive, is also very rare.At that time, there were many tribal men who wanted to marry the women of their tribe and were proud of them, including the Genghis Khan family, who had a strong preference for honjira beauties.And women in the tribe also seems to be more than empty as simple as beauty, such as Marco Polo son for genghis khan genghis khan’s wife – – childhood is father-in-law recognition, Marco Polo son post engagement with his wife, Marco Polo, not only beautiful, and very clever, she good shu virtuous, even in “yuan shi” also has a very high evaluation to her, she is “curtilage heart deep quiet, often DE soft scarlett.She was a very qualified empress, so she was able to assist Temujin all the way to the success of the empire, and gave him four excellent sons.Although Genghis khan married many beautiful women in his life, none could surpass Borte. In 1214, Genghis Khan even issued a decree for the Honkkilar tribe: “The honkkilar family gave birth to a daughter.Born male, the world is still the Lord, the world is not continuous.”Kublai Khan’s queen was will, also from the tribe, not only beautiful, also is famous for its thrifty, ready to her character, long lived a nomadic life, although became queen, no extravagant waste, even the very concept of thrift simple living habits, she is said to have a plant in the palace of the king brought from home called “ShiJianCao” grass,To remind yourself not to forget the thrift.She is also highly regarded in history, and her existence played a great role in the development and consolidation of Kublai Khan’s rule.The marriage between Genghis Khan’s mother, Haerun, and his father, Yasuchi, is a very dramatic outcome. At first, Haerun was not betrowed to Yasuchi, but her husband was Originally Yekchalietu, who had just returned from his marriage and happened to meet Yasuchi, who was playing nearby.Also speed the saw carriage after, then asked, happen to be in at this time to see the bride at great shimron, sitting in the carriage also speed the big shock, he had never seen such a beautiful woman, so the higher at the first sight of the great amount, even the time to talk to guest red columns, home immediately called his elder brother and younger brother.At that time, the custom of “snatching marriage” was popular on the grassland. We should be shocked at The beauty of Haerun, and we just hope to grab the beauty.Yekchlitos knew that they were not good, and When He saw the scene, he also guessed that he had met a “marriage snatching.” Fearing that Yekchlitos might be hurt by her, He told him to run for his life, and took off one of his clothes and threw it to Yekchlitos, saying:If you survive and get a beautiful wife, if you take my Name, you will not have forgotten me.”Yegchlitel took the clothes she threw down, and when he saw that the three of them were chasing him, he took the clothes and ran for his life.Mongol Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan, the eldest son of His fourth son Tulei, and his wife was the daughter of Mengge Chen, the grandson of De Xue Chen.Despite the trend of hudutai, her sister also succeeded her as the empress of Mengge Khan and the later queens of Yuan Chengzong, Yuan Wu Zong, Tai Dingdi and many others, all came from this magical and beautiful tribe.Why does the Honkkila tribe produce beautiful women?If we want to talk about why this small tribe can produce beautiful women, and so many queens, it should be the result of conscious cultivation of hongjira.This can be traced back to the book Genghis Khan’s Daughters, in which the father of Borte (wife of Genghis Khan) explains that the Hungkira tribe did not rely on the physical strength of his sons, but on the beauty and wisdom of his daughters.They relied on intermarriage with powerful men and, while using beauty as a weapon, queen status as a proxy to protect their tribe.In that era, conflicts between tribes were constant and turbulent. In order to protect their tribes, they also experienced many hardships. They protected this beautiful place with their wisdom, diligence and beauty.According to the Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences, during the Mongol period, the Hongjira tribe had 18 queens and 16 emperors in hospital. In addition, the descendants of Genghis Khan strictly followed the will of Genghis Khan, but this is also closely related to the high appearance level inherent in this magical tribe.

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