Is the word “fu” pasted front or back?A lot of people are wrong

Today is New Year’s Eve square friends at home are the word “fu” posted?However, xiaobian is still a little confused about whether the word “fu” should be posted or posted backwards?Since ancient times, there have been different opinions on this question…Folk experts think “f” word should he stick “(everyone” meaning “blessing to” is popular in recent years to New Year customs dating back to the old traditional should stick “f” word became popular during the tang and song dynasty put with red paper on his door made of peach wood charms against evil, such as spring card that can find the slightest trace ✦ in history”Dream Liang Lu” in the Song Dynasty has “painting peach charm” “Yingchun card” records;Strategies for Conquering The Song Dynasty Recorded the words of Spring Cards including Fu, Lu, Shou, Yi CAI, Er Xi.And these peach symbols, spring cards and so on are exactly posted.As for the day of Posting, usually in New Year’s Eve (there is no New Year’s Eve this year, so it is New Year’s Eve), so there is a “Tong Tong, always find Tong Tong, new peach in old character” verse.Are sticking “fu” word there are many arguments to support!There is such a saying: when it comes to the characteristics of Chinese characters, it can not be separated from the “horizontal and vertical” and “upright”, and the Chinese New Year paste “fu”, meaning “spring”, so sincere and serious wishes, naturally serious and rigorous, that the “fu” word should be properly posted, representing the pious heart of blessing.Especially the door on the “fu” word, but also to be dignified and generous.Usually, the “fu” character on the door is also the largest.Is it true that all parts of the country are Posting “fu”?Not really!Also exist in some parts of the folk individual (” f “word places such as tank, trash can, because when using these two items have the action of” inverted “in order to prevent throw away blessing so negative parts of the character” fu “and will” fu “is posted at the gate of the house door, cabinet door post” blessed “this is the moral blessing came home a little” patriotic flow outsideHowever, from the point of view of actual life, now the “fu” and inverted “fu” are very common, especially in commercial places, inverted “fu” phenomenon seems to be more, this is a misunderstanding, distortion of folk customs?Tian Zhaoyuan, a professor at the Institute of Folklore at East China Normal University, said: “It’s quite normal.In recent years, the popularity of inverted “fu” is actually a kind of diversified expression, nothing is invariable, which is also the embodiment of modern people to express their New Year wishes more directly through the unique phonetic homophonic phenomenon in China.”Folk custom is the expression of people’s wishes as well as the embodiment of creativity.Like in the west on Christmas Eve, now there are a lot of people popular send apple, homophonic ‘peace’, but this is not popular in the west and impossible, just because of the Chinese homophonic ideogram, for the festival expression to find a new carrier.”So, need not too entangled with “f” word is posted or (” all in all, this is all about happiness of hope “source | Shanghai Internet rumours that all articles such as peer originator involve issues of infringement, please contact us with this number will be processed in a timely manner

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