The old building “grows” the rose waterfall, you can always believe the romance of Jinan!

Qilu network · Lightning news February 15 – Lantern Festival is also the ancient Valentine’s Day, recently, Jinan through the three road of the old commercial port romantic atmosphere burst, a large rose will be surrounded by an old building, attracted many visitors to clock.The old building decorated with “roses” is the former residence of Zhang Caicheng, jinan’s richest man one hundred years ago.The old building is located at Jingsanwei Sanlu in Jinan’s commercial port district. The main body is a two-story stone building combining Chinese and Western elements.More than 30,000 bionic roses sprouted from the eaves and walls of the old building, and a waterfall of roses cascaded down from the second floor.”Feel very romantic, take pictures also very piece, it is the Lantern Festival, together to play, and there is such a beautiful place to take pictures, I feel very happy!””Said a tourist surnamed Chen.According to Yu Zhenyu, head of commercial research and promotion of Ronghui Group in Shandong province, the exhibition used the old house to blend in new rose elements, using more than 30,000 roses to shape the waterfall of the rose garden.”We now plan to hold the exhibition for one to two months. Today is the Lantern Festival, which is China’s ancient Valentine’s Day. We hope that more young people can learn more about history and culture through the exhibition and more people will come to clock in.”Old house collocation rose, quick to feel different romantic!Lightning news reporter Zhang Cong Li Jingyi reports

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