11 New Chinese enterprises, India and Vietnam’s dream of “world factory” broken?Cook, Terry Gou return to China

Apple mobile phone, as you know, also have been committed to high-end smartphone market, a lot of cheap Chinese mobile phone seems to have no way to compete with apple, apple phone to China before, I was a lot of people like, also with the likes of compatriots, apple decided to overseas plant construction in our country,One of the most famous factories is Foxconn, so it’s not too much of a stretch to say that iphones are actually Made in China.Moreover, there is a terrible point that although the iPhone is expensive and many Chinese people like to buy it, Apple has made a lot of money, but it is true that the iPhone is inseparable from China. As long as there is no Chinese market, the sales of iPhone in foreign countries are actually very average.In fact, apple has been trying to break away from China for a decade. It plans to focus on Southeast Asia, where labor is cheap, population is large and growth potential is the same as China a decade ago.But Apple itself is doing a great job. It probably doesn’t realize how invested it is in our country, not only in the supply chain but also in the data center.In fact, it is obvious that although inflation is obvious in this decade, the growth rate of apple phones is not very obvious, which is all due to the Chinese factories to save money for us.So since Apple can’t make any more money, they want to move their base to Southeast Asia and raise prices to increase sales.The United States also chose to India at the beginning, but India is a large population and cheap, but like foxconn large workshop of the world, not to say that the transfer is transferred, the construction and development should not only consider the India region, but also to leave after the income in our country, so in fact apple also dare not to do such things for the transfer of the factory.When it comes to Apple, Tim Cook is the company’s current CEO, after all, Steve Jobs is no longer with us.But Cook thought that India and Vietnam would develop better in recent years, but with the arrival of the epidemic, almost none of these Southeast Asian countries survived, especially India. The epidemic caused great losses to India, including various casualties and factory shutdown, which also affected Apple’s output value.▲ Affected by the epidemic, Apple’s factories in India did not even reach the required production volume this year.India may be a poorer country, but the country’s rich are the only ones you can imagine.Despite the impact of the pandemic, India has actually been doing ok in recent years.But Because there are so many people in India, and so many of them are poorly trained, apple can’t do business in India.Vietnam is the same, but Vietnam’s population is not satisfactory, it can only be said that it wants to develop, but there is no power, so Cook’s emphasis on Southeast Asia is indeed a mistake.China’s industry is much believe that I do not exaggerate the description, we do not need to say more about the thriving China naturally.Since Foxconn has not developed in foreign countries, it can only choose to continue to develop in China. This time, its construction in China will be more powerful. There are 11 Chinese enterprises that have become apple suppliers in China in succession.IPhone13 is main to produce stable environment in China, although very don’t want to cook for adults, but apple is really cannot leave the Chinese market, interrupted his expansion plans, the mobile phone market in China is very enough, unless you don’t want to make money, otherwise you would not have dared to withdraw from the Chinese market, domestic mobile phone brand competition after waves suddenly came up,Apple’s future is pretty clear.▲ iPhone

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