E-commerce giants battle for tomorrow: Online shopping is not the only game in town

The e-commerce story, long based on online shopping, may be entering a new phase.Recently ali, JINGdong, Pinduoduo three e-commerce giants have announced their financial results.Statistically speaking, slower growth has become a general trend.Alibaba reported only 10% year-on-year revenue growth in the last quarter, its slowest quarterly growth in years.Net profit was 19.24 billion yuan, down 75% year on year.In addition, JINGdong financial reports disclosed that 2021 Q4 jingdong revenue growth of 23% year on year, consecutive quarters of slowing.The net loss was Rmb5.2bn, compared with a profit of Rmb24.3bn a year earlier.Pinduoduo Q4 revenue also increased only 3% year on year, the growth rate is slowing.This also means that e-commerce giants such as Alibaba and JD.com are also trapped in the dilemma of “stagnant growth”.E-commerce dividend is approaching the ceiling, how to find the “second curve”, against the wind to overturn the market, giants are playing a new abacus.Vigorously layout of agricultural products field, pinduoduo is currently given an “answer”.In 2020, Chen Lei took over pINDUoduo and made a key step from “marketing” to “RESEARCH and development”.Agriculture and science and technology have also become an important background of Pinduoduo.In August last year, Pinduoduo announced to invest 10 billion yuan to set up a special project of “10 billion yuan agricultural research and Development” to continuously promote the progress of agricultural science and technology and promote the benefits of science and technology for all.Chen Lei will be the no.1 of the project, and the quarterly profits will be invested into the project until the total amount of 10 billion yuan is satisfied.Chen lei said that in the past year, Pinduoduo insisted on focusing on agriculture, and made a new round of heavy investment in agricultural products brands, agricultural talents, logistics and warehousing, which has achieved initial results.Ali cloud business continued hematopoietic, or into the second half of Ali’s “trump card”.Earnings show that Alibaba cloud business revenue growth reached 20% in the quarter.From the first profit in the third quarter of fiscal 2021 to the third quarter of fiscal 2022, Ali Cloud business has been profitable for five consecutive quarters and achieved stable growth in cloud business.Cloud business stabilized to the good situation, from ali Cloud “ten years of grinding a sword” accumulation.In 2009, when the domestic cloud computing field was still in a blank period, Alibaba cloud computing system “Feitian” was formally established.After years of investment in research and development, Ali Cloud’s IaaS infrastructure capability was ranked number one in the world in December 2021, winning four world firsts in Computing, storage, Internet and information security in Gartner’s Cloud Computing rankings.Ali Cloud database comprehensive strength firmly ranks the first camp in the world.In addition, Ali Cloud has made major breakthroughs in hardware and system development and practical application.It is worth mentioning that the financial results show that the revenue composition of Aliyun is becoming more and more diversified, and the revenue contribution of customers from non-Internet industries is steadily rising;In the overseas market growth is also rapid, in the quarter ali Cloud in South Korea, Thailand each increase a data center, the operation area increased to 25.Jingdong has been constantly showing the ambition of focusing on investment, actively expanding its supply chain and realizing steady development by self-established logistics system.Jd.com’s logistics business performed better in the fourth quarter, with a profit margin of 2.4 percent, and made a profit of 300 million yuan in the second half of 2021, making it the company’s most profitable business, according to the financial statement.Specifically, jd logistics’ total revenue reached 104.7 billion yuan in 2021, up 42.7% year on year.Logistics has been liu Qiangdong over the years to continue the “heavy warehouse” project.He admitted that JD will not be a narrow and small but a full category of e-commerce, which requires very strong closed-loop logistics support, and this goal will involve countless huge logistics warehouses across the country.According to the financial report of JD Logistics, JD Logistics has covered six major logistics networks: warehousing network, integrated transportation network, last mile distribution network, bulk network, cold chain network and cross-border network.Deppon announced its acquisition by JD.com on March 11.The acquisition, or can quickly improve the proportion of socialized orders, increase the overall strength of JINGdong logistics.It is worth noting that only in the past two years, JINGdong Logistics spent 3 billion yuan to acquire Straddling Express, which is good at air cargo, and increased its holding of China logistics assets (01589.HK) several times through the development of jingdong intelligent industry, and won its controlling stake in February 2022, accounting for 87.19%.The company has 38 logistics parks and 179 logistics facilities across the country.At the start of 2022, JD.com paid $546 million in cash for Dada Group common shares, increasing its stake to 52 percent from 47 percent, strengthening its grip on the local instant retail and delivery platform.In the new industry development stage, the future battle of e-commerce giants is doomed to no longer rely on e-commerce price war, but to find their own new growth points.Fine operation, hard power development of science and technology or will become the giants of the new wrestling arena.ZAKER News/Zeng Xiantian intern Lou Xinya

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