Sichuan sister to Guangdong to work, work without a boyfriend at the same time to pay 2, every day to drink spicy

If you have no ability, no background, no culture, look just like average, then into the factory to screw!Life is so helpless, for most ordinary people, working in a factory is the only way to make ends meet.Of course, there are also people in the society who “have a higher heart than heaven”, even if they are poor, they also say that “it is impossible to work in this life”.Have no ability and not willing to bear hardships, thinking about making a lot of money to make quick money every day, this kind of people are in, but most of the outcome is very tragic.There is a sister from Sichuan came to Guangdong, originally wanted to enter the factory to make screws, but finally forgot the original intention, her experience makes many people feel pity.Maybe in a few more years, there will be another “poor” homeless girl on the streets of Guangdong…Sichuan sister to Guangdong we all know that Guangdong is a developed and inclusive place, there are people from all over the world, too many people come to work here, there are too many people come to realize their dreams.Nana, a girl from Dongguan, Guangdong province, came here a few years ago from rural Sichuan province, hoping to make some money in Guangdong.With little ability and education, her initial goal was to make screws in a factory.Nana is young and has a pretty figure. She also likes to make up, which is normal, because young girls love beauty.But is it really suitable for those who think of making up?In fact, as many people suspected, nana would pack up and leave every time she entered the factory for a day or two, because she could not endure the hardships.Nana into the factory to beat screws a few days, will run to the agency to find a job, time is long and the agency is familiar with the people.Intermediary this place dragon snake is complicated, some people see young girl grow beautiful, want to know her, also some people invite her to dinner, of course, the purpose is not pure.Gradually, with the help of some people, Nana’s fame became big and she became “red”.We cannot afford to find two boyfriends. We cannot live without consumption, and young people spend more than the older generation, but Nana has no income.But the strange thing was that Nana wore elaborate makeup every day, and her clothes changed from day to day, as if she never needed money.Many wondered where she got her money.No one knows.We only saw two men close to her, both of whom appeared to be her boyfriends.The two boyfriends, one shorter and the other fatter, were completely different types, and even more strangely, they sometimes appeared together with Nana.Some people say it’s easy to fall overboard when you’re dating two people, but Nana was so good that she managed the two men so well that no one was jealous or unhappy.Nana is not very smart and not very capable, someone said that everyone has their own talent, maybe Nana’s talent is to find a boyfriend, if one is not enough, then find two.Even though nana did not work or earn money, she was better off than most people.She buys clothes when she needs them, cosmetics when she needs them, iphones are the latest, and she’s never short of money.A girl from a rural area in Sichuan province, who arrived in bustling Guangdong province, was squinted and forgot her original intention.Maybe everyone’s way of living is different, maybe because young is not sensible, but after all, beauty is easy to old.Can you live long on two men?Perhaps in a few years these two men will leave her when she is no longer young and pretty or tired of looking at her. What will she do then?Many netizens in Guangdong know that although guangdong is prosperous, there are countless homeless women here.Some of them were trapped by love; others, like Nana, were incapable of earning a living on their own.Maybe a few years later, there will be another homeless woman in the streets of Guangdong. At that time, she is no longer young and no one comes to see her at that time.Beauty is easy to old, the future is uncertain, if a woman can not grasp their own direction of life, if not independent money to live, her end is often very tragic.Of course, we also hope that everyone can have the best destination and outcome, I hope this girl from rural Sichuan to Guangdong is the same.For more highlights, follow 90 Trending

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