Zhang Xiaofei “same style” Taobao sell explosion!Year of the Tiger Gala, and these super cargo Kings

The world network business Yang Yuexin Guan Lidan editor Wang Shiqi January 31 at 8:00, with the broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger, another group of businesses found the “wealth password”.Before the Spring Festival Gala began, celebrities’ outfits became popular. The green scarf zhao Liying wore during her rehearsal was sold out on Taobao.After the party began, Zhang Xiaofei’s turquoise coat, Li Sisi’s lipstick horn, and a tiger puppet held by celebrities were all trending on Weibo.Today, Taobao also according to the “Tao Bao photo” (pat li Tao) hot search, check the top 10 Spring Festival Gala with the same style, not only have Shen Teng, Zhang Xiaofei, Ma Li and other stars with the same style of clothing, but also the Year of the Tiger dolls, Zhang Xiaofei eye shadow plate and other products.Visible, we watch the Spring Festival Gala, shopping cart is not idle.Some netizens pointed out that the magic show props are “one-button restore Rubik’s cube”, taobao with the same price of only 39.9 yuan, “ORIGINALLY I only 39.9 yuan from the Spring Festival Gala” has become a new Spring Festival Gala.Young people with action once again proved that the Spring Festival gala unparalleled ability to take goods.Who is the strongest Spring Festival Gala “with goods king”?No accident, this year’s Spring Festival Gala Zhang Xiaofei’s coat again caused the attention of the audience in front of the TV.”Zhang Xiaofei coat” not only appeared on the weibo hot search for the first time, but also quickly rushed to the second place on the taobao hot list.Zhang wore a turquoise velvet coat in the skit double Happiness with her longtime co-star Jia Ling, prompting netizens to comment: “Our mom’s wardrobe is always on the cutting edge.”Zhang Xiaofei in the Spring Festival Gala with goods ability to get the net friend consistent “seal” certification.Some people said that his father, who usually does not pay attention to fashion, said when Zhang xiaofei appeared, “She must bring this dress again.”Even CCTV News released a microblog saying it was crazy to “plant grass”.The coat is actually from Lanvin, the luxury brand endorsed by Zhang Xiaofei, and the official price is as high as 10,000 yuan.Even so, the coat sold out in an instant.Taobao merchants reacted quickly, launching “Zhang Xiaofei’s style” links almost immediately.The pink hoodie and white sweater she wore on CCTV spring nights last year and the year before became a hit.Both clothes came from Devil Beauty, a Brand founded by Chinese-American designer Yiwen Li. At that time, the official banner of the brand launched “Zhang Xiaofei Spring Festival Gala style” on Tmall, which ushered in a wave of sales and fan growth.Zhang xiaofei, 35, became an a-list actress and quickly became a darling of the fashion industry when she starred in the 2021 film Hello Li Huanying.In addition to the luxury brand Lanfan, in the past year, Zhang Xiaofei also won LG, Bele Youyan series, Herborist, Chinese high-end women’s wear brand Vignas and many other brands endorsement, commercial value soared.The popularity of this blue green coat, proved zhang Xiaofei’s ability to take goods again.The brand of eye makeup and lipstick she used in the sketch also became a hot topic on Xiaohong books.If “Zhang Xiaofei is the same” popularity is expected, Shen Teng is in the sketch “not still” in the sweater that wears makes many people at the moment a bright, let rough man second change “temperament handsome boy”.The flowered sweater from designer brand Sketchup is priced at more than 1,600 yuan on its official tmall flagship store.Shen teng’s character owes money but the sweater is expensive, leading some netizens to joke: “I think he used the money he owes to buy sweaters.””Fuhu” masks became a hot search, and netizens flooded into the live broadcast room, attracting netizens’ attention not only the performances of the stars on stage, but also the colorful masks worn by the audience, red, orange, purple and blue, adding to the festive atmosphere.This is the “Fuhu” mask customized for the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger from Henan Changyuan Camel People Group.According to the enterprise, the mask pattern adopts the shape of “Fu Hu”, looks clever and does not lose the tiger’s majestic face, traditional red and gold collocation, meaning “Fu Hu happy New Year, auspicious New Year”.In the broadcast room of Tmall Tuoren Medical Device flagship store, the words “Health guardian officer of the 2022 China Media Group Spring Festival Gala” have been printed.As soon as the live broadcast began on Feb 1, many viewers flooded into taoren.com’s live broadcast room to inquire about the same mask as the Spring Festival Gala.In response to fans’ enthusiasm, the host repeats the sales date of masks for the Spring Festival Gala almost every few minutes: “Masks of the same style will be on sale exclusively on February 4, with five colors, including blue for Yi Yangqianxi and red for Wang Yuan. You can buy them according to your preference.”The magazine found that camel people are also stocking other masks for the year of the Tiger.The terminal to sell surrounding face wearing, wearing have become a hot search, the hands of the netizens did not let go.At the opening of the gala’s chorus, many celebrities were holding a cute tiger doll in their hands. Some netizens took photos of the doll on Taobao, and found that the product was already on sale in the Tmall flagship store of the Media Group under the China Media Group.According to the introduction, this tiger puppet has red and yellow color, respectively for “he Tiger” and “he Tiger”, on behalf of male and female, now buy also send Spring Festival Gala limited purse.The tiger doll, priced at 179 yuan, has become the top-selling item in the Tmall flagship store of China Media Group, according to The Website.Many other IP products of Hehe Tiger, such as bracelets, enamel cups and New Year cards, are also popular among netizens.In addition, the year of the ox that overheat searches last year “spring bowl”, also welcomed this year “sequel”, tiger year limit money “tiger yue spring bowl” still is shop sell like hot cakes money, allegedly “the whole world sets limit to 200 thousand”.Since its launch on Tmall in 2021, the flagship store has been attracting the attention of netizens. Some netizens commented: “UNEXPECTEDLY, you are such a headquarters!”Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala the busiest road with technology product lovers found that this Spring Festival Gala, folding mobile phone exposure rate is very high.Shen Teng, wearing a sketchy sweater, was holding a Huawei P50 Pocket foldable phone, while Sha Yi pulled out a Huawei Mate X2.The former is priced at around 10,000 yuan, while the latter is priced at around 18,000 yuan.In 1994, Guo da received New Year’s greetings from afar with his pager in his skit “Transocean Telephone”.Four years later, Huang Hong can proudly take the “mobile phone” to show off the call.In the 1996 classic sketch, The red landline on the desk becomes a key prop for Zhao Lirong to expose Gong Hanlin’s lies;Twelve years later, CAI Ming repeated the line into the phone, “Why?”, which quickly became the fashionable catchphrase of the year.By the turn of the millennium, feature phones had gradually replaced landlines as a regular feature in the annual sketch.In addition to making phone calls, smartphone cameras, video calls and other functions also play a role in driving the plot.It can be said that in the past nearly 40 years, the communication tools appeared in turn in the Spring Festival Gala have formed a characteristic “evolution history of mobile phones in the Spring Festival Gala”.Not only mobile phones, but also the theme setting of the annual Spring Festival Gala, the costumes of the actors and singers, the upgrading of the stage lighting, and the way the audience interact, all reflect the social development and changes of The Times.And the same style is hot, while watching while buying, the most-watched national gala is a window, revealing people’s life consumption changes of The Times.Photo source: Official of Spring Festival Gala

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