1 billion daughter actress was exposed to civil servant!Pass the written test and be invited for an interview, or move behind the scenes

Only those who are full of confidence can immerse themselves in life with confidence anywhere and realize their will.Confidence is particularly important for a person’s growth. The road of life is tortuous and long. As long as you take steps, difficulties and setbacks are inevitable.Full of confidence, optimistic face of life, positive to overcome difficulties, to see the dawn of life.Media reports, TVB actress 1 billion daughter was exposed to civil servants!After passing the written test, I was invited for an interview and proposed the idea of moving into the background.The incident instantly became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.Netizens lamented that celebrities also like to live a structured life.A former child star, Wong started her career at the age of four and is now an actress for Hong Kong’s TVB.Has participated in the world of passion, Tuo Gun teacher sister and other classic TV series.In addition, he has also participated in “Dongren’s Time”, “Bao Bao Is Bigger than Heaven” and other film and television works.When it comes to her life experience, she is a winner.In addition to her successful acting career, Huang is also highly educated.She graduated from the Department of Cultural Studies of CUHK, and is a solid student with excellent academic records.In addition to Huang wenyi’s high degree, her family is also very enviable.It is reported that Huang wenyi’s father has a wealth of 1 billion, is Hong Kong’s famous LED king, so it seems that Huang Wenyi is no problem with 1 billion daughter actress.Huang wenyi’s appearance is also very outstanding.After graduation, she joined TVB in 2016 as an entertainment news anchor.The following year, Huang wenyi was dubbed the “goddess of baby’s face” by the media for her good figure shown in the travel show “3 Days and 2 Nights”.She grew up in a perfect family, and she’s still looking for what she wants.She admits that she doesn’t want to make a big show of her family background and just tries to do her job well.As for the present stage, she said that the current exams are very challenging for her, and it is not easy to do well in this job.Through huang wenyi’s expression, we can find that she is a goal-oriented person who knows what she wants and is not constrained by what she has around her.What’s more, she doesn’t care what the outside world thinks of her, setting new goals just to make herself comfortable, which is an enviable attitude.Reading is a tedious thing for some people, but for Huang Wenyi, reading is an enjoyable thing.Every time she read, she enjoyed it.She has admitted that she likes reading books in her spare time to enrich herself, which is the reason why she can lead such a positive and optimistic life.Huang Wenyi was revealed to have taken the civil service exam and was invited for an interview after passing the written test. She said that the preparation for the civil service exam had left her a lot of feelings and it was a very unforgettable experience.It is said that there is no end to learning. For the current employment situation, registering for the civil service is also the best choice for many ordinary people.Being a civil servant means having a stable income, a better social status and a higher working welfare. In the era of 996 and even 007, being a civil servant has become the hot property sought by everyone.Civil servants are in particular demand in the marriageable market.However, for Huang wenyi, the civil servant exam is not only for the pursuit of a stable life, she has been learning, holding the purpose of learning.”There is still a lot of knowledge I don’t know that I need to learn and make progress in order to better understand the society and how the social system works,” she said.In an interview, she said that although she has not yet become a civil servant, she is also working towards this direction.She was photographed in a museum, and Huang responded that she went to the museum to listen to professional lectures and study better, but there was no other purpose.At the same time, she asked the media to give her more space, saying she did not want to be too high-profile.In addition, Huang wenyi also said that she likes the show business very much and is very interested in the behind-the-scenes of the show business, or will move to the behind-the-scenes.I want to learn more about the structure and structure of the whole performing arts industry and what goes on behind the scenes.She has reduced her public appearances for nearly half a year.It can be seen that Huang Wenyi intends to move behind the scenes, has been understanding the working process behind the scenes, experience different working conditions.Some media asked, After Huang Wenyi will continue to do anchor?Huang wenyi, said he is still an artist, will follow the company’s arrangements, if the company has program arrangements for her, she will accept.But, in addition, she says she can have her own space and pay more attention to her own ideas.In addition to being an artist, she hopes to improve herself through studying, to understand different aspects of performing arts, and to make a better contribution to TVB.In recent years, she has spent a lot of time on her acting career, which can be seen that she wants to make her knowledge more professional, but also that she is a person with high requirements for herself.Many people are surprised by her career change.But she said she wanted to experiment more and didn’t want to put limits on her life.Yes, no one can decide that a person can only do one thing, everyone’s ideas and choices are different, so everyone’s life situation is different.Huang Wenyi makes such choice has her own reason, also has her own consideration.No matter what choice you make, you are pursuing your dream, following your original aspiration, and wishing her all the best.Tao Xingzhi once said that courage is the brightest star in the starry sky.Life is like this, in the process of continuous progress to some things have a new understanding, in the connotation and extension, it is always possible to expand, so as to have new insights and ideas.It is one of the joys of life.With the improvement of modern people’s cognition of the world and scientific literacy, there is a strong need to control their own destiny feeling, for those unknown things, often feel uneasy, so we need courage.Huang Wenyi has such courage, bravely walk in the unknown area, constantly enrich themselves with reading, no matter what the final result is, let us respect her, bless her.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to dance entertainment

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