23 defense ninjutsu in Naruto: Xiao Nan and Shui Yue are immune to physical attacks, and Ghost chimaki are immune to traps

In Naruto, there are not only a lot of ninjutsu that are strong in attack, but also a lot of ninjutsu that are strong in defense or both.Let’s talk about the defense ninjutsu in Naruto.The white tiger xiao Nan especially likes to use the paper dance for various activities. The paper dance will transform itself into pieces of paper in the state of the paper dance, which can be immune to physical attacks.In the south with 600 billion detonator to deal with yu Zhibo belt soil, also will withstand the detonation of the damage of the South is the use of type paper dance to defense.The only pity is that xiaonan’s paper dance evading the detonator cost him so much chakra that he was able to dodge the blast by using Shenwei and Iyanagi.Shenwei yu wisdom wave with earth kaleidoscope writing wheel eye pupil is a very powerful time space ninjutsu, this move can be attacked at the moment, the attacked part of the transfer to another space.When he was a boy, Yujibo Daito was able to fight with the fourth generation of Fire shadow wave fengshuimen, help Yujibo Erdu to wipe out his clan, and avoid Xiao Nan’s 600 billion detonator, almost all of which relied on Shenwei’s ability to empty.If it weren’t for the time limit, belt soil could be said to be invincible.The hydration skill of the ghost lamp clan can liquefy the body at will, not only can achieve immunity to physical attack, but also can be said to be immortal state.When the Eagle team was fighting rabi, shuizutsu used hydration to resist Jade.Hydration has a weakness, however, as it can turn the caster into a jell-o sculpture if attacked by the Thunderbolt.Seek the way of jade to master the six fairy art can be used to seek the way of jade, because of all the Yin and Yang of the five elements of the force, so can easily play beyond the blood after the limit and blood after the net of strength, in the defense of nature is also very strong.Six yu Zhibo belt soil in the battle when it had to seek jade into a variety of states to defend Naruto, Sasuke and other people’s attack, and even directly bear the six red Yang array wrapped under the ten tail tail beast jade attack;Six yu Zhibo is in order to dao Jade to defend the attack of Metkai.King Kong prison wall three generations of huoying ape flying cut psychic beast ape demon king not only has king Kong not bad body, but also can be transformed into a size of king Kong ruyi stick.When the third generation of Naruto was faced with the mudun of the first generation of Naruto, he used the characteristics of the ape demon king to use a move to defend himself.This trick is to let the Monkey King into king Kong ruyi stick into dozens of pieces, and then the formation of both can protect themselves can also confine the enemy’s cube cage.Earth escape earth flow wall earth escape earth flow wall is a very basic earth escape defense ninjutshu, can create a wall out of thin air to defend the enemy attack, control the number or length of earth flow wall, and can be upgraded to multiple earth flow wall and ten thousand miles earth flow wall.Earth escape earth flow wall this move should be said to be the flag wood kakashi’s favorite, from a very young age Kakashi is very like to use this move, grow up even in the face of tendai Payne, Ujibo Sasuke, Ujibo belt soil such a strong enemy, he is still very like to use earth flow wall this move.In addition, kakashi earth flow wall carved dog heads is also a very distinctive feature.Water escape wall water escape wall is similar to earth escape wall, which is also a basic defense art of water escape.Not only does the water shoot straight out of your mouth to block attacks, it also creates a wall of water from below to protect you.In the fourth world war of tolerance, tolerance of the United States many ninjas use water array wall block Yu Zhibo spot hao fire extinguish, in the show yu Zhibo spot fire escape power at the same time, also explained the water dun water array wall in the status of the defense of the art of tolerance.In addition, the wall of the water circle in the second generation of Huoying Thousand Hands circle around the performer, which is second to no in power and handsome.Water escape Water escape is a low-level art of water escape, mainly using water to trap the enemy.This originally can only be used to trap the low level of the ninjas, in the hands of dry persimmon ghost shark has played a defensive ninjas role.After the dry Persimmon ghost was captured by Matkai, the ghost used its last strength to break free from the shackles of the wood, and directly protected itself with the magic of the water prison, and killed itself with its own psychic beast.In order to protect themselves by imprisoning the enemy, the application of dried Persimmon Ghost to the water prison is quite similar to the application of the third generation of Huying ape Fei-rizang to the wall of the Kong prison.Earth dun earth spear the art of earth dun earth spear is a ninjutsu integrating attack and defense.This trick can use the earth attribute chakra inside the body to harden any point of the body, hardened parts will turn black, in attack and defense are very powerful.Kaku used this move to easily knock down the gates of the Temple of Fire with enchantment.The Crane’s Shield The Crane’s shield is claimed to be my IRA’s absolute defense ninjutsu, which is made by collecting very hard minerals from the earth, squeezing them into the sand, forming a specific shape, and then filling some of them with chakra.I Aurora used this defensive charm to seal the dance of the Cord flower of Junmalu.Redun armor The Redun armor that coats the body with the thunder chakra is a powerful ninjutsu aid, increasing the caster’s speed, strength, and defense due to its ability to stimulate cells.The third generation of Thunder shadow with the strongest spear and shield is definitely the representative of this move, even Naruto’s wind dun spiral hand sword can not break his defense.It day to the house of gens of esoteric senior body of routine, it is also an absolute defense said the occult sciences, it can at the moment the attack, from the body of chakra acupuncture points out a lot of soft boxing chakra, then make the circumference of a circle like a gyroscope rotation movement, achieves the rebound effect all physical attacks.What be worth mentioning is, return day is originally the body art that the family chets, the day that divides a family to ning second oneself understood this one recruit however, it is the talent that lets a person admire him really.As the ultimate ninjutsu of the Uzhibo clan, the integration of attack and defense should be the most basic function, and from the point of view of the main defense of suzunohu in suzunohu, suzunohu’s defense is absolutely very strong.In addition, Yu Zhibo erkat must be able to also have a magical eight mirror enhanced defense, really is not to leave a person alive.Rashomon psychics rashomon is a summon powerful defense who, by the hand of orochimaru nearly full right to channeling under a heavy rashomon is endure is one of the elite of orochimaru triple rashomon was able to offset the tail beast attack, jade column of hands of five heavy rashomon even with uchiha spot should assist can spin on the blade tail jade the trajectory of change.As a samsara eye, shenra-tian Zheng’s ability is mainly manifested in the use of repulsion. It is self-centered and can bounce all objects and ninjutsu around and cause damage to them. At the same time, according to the amount of chakra, it can also control the scope of the operation.Tendo Payne rounded up the other Payne chakras and leveled koba village with a single blow.Needle Hiding is the secret defense ninjutsu of Zailaiya, which is to harden one’s long silver hair into a state of acupuncture, and then stretch it out to cover one’s whole body like a needle garment for defense.The general ninju attack and body skill master are difficult to deal with this move, even in the case of the hand poison, zai also used this move to defend the oroserparu body skill attack and stabbed him in the foot.Ironarm Toad and Stone Panda Miaomu Mountain are one of the three holy places for spiritual communication. In addition to the practice of fairy art, many different types of toad are also its outstanding places.The iron-walled toad, which was once channeled out by itself to block and defend against the attack of dried persimmon ghost sharks, is a very strong defensive toad, perhaps not as good as the rashomon, but it is also a very good defense of the psychic beast.In addition, the whole body of petrified pandas channeled by the beast Tao Penn are also very powerful in defense.Eighty god air strike big barrel wood hui night’s eighty god air strike is very severe body skill, in the white eye with, can form an integrated offense and defense, perfect formation, perfect interpretation of what is called the best defense is to attack.Mudun wooden ingot wall, Tree boundary wall, gun tree and panban art Mudun Ninjutsu, as the first generation of Huoying thousand hand pillars in the vertical and horizontal ninjutsu, is naturally indispensable defense ninjutsu, and the most representative defense ninjutsu should be: a row of wooden columns bending from the ground to form an arch to protect their wooden ingot wall;A tree boundary wall that can instantly sprout from the ground a shield formed by multiple woody vines to protect targets;Multiple woody vines sprout from the body and instantly grow into large trees for attack or defense.Creating a wooden shield in the shape of a tusk-like grimace to defend against an opponent’s attack.In particular, the rank of the art, thousands of hands between the column has used this move to defend the Uzhi wave spot of the wei pack, must be able to cut, and the rank of the surface without injury shadow dun shadow dun is the original theater version of the skills, nara zuwan once used this move to wrap naruto whirlpool to achieve the role of defense.In addition, Narayakumaru’s Shadow Aggregation Dark Net, while hanging a large number of detonators with its shadow, also wraps itself in the shadow to protect itself from detonators.This shows that nara clan shadow magic in defense is also very good.What else do you know about ninjutsu defense in Naruto?Follow the swordsman and talk about our favorite anime.

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