A prisoner who was hunted down found his sister whom he had not seen for years

If there is a hunting dog chasing behind, you have no escape, what should I do to get rid of them and the answer is jumping into the water, because water can mask the smell, blocking the fire is the sense of smell, before the soldiers chased to successful men don’t know how long ran ashore, he found a cave he finally relieved, chewing the food fed to his son, tired will sleep in the cave,Etc. At dawn he would take their children to continue, he went to the city with elder sister, because of her sister’s dowry is he saved, and now has been the only family yes, after a few days, he finally gave way to a small town, and said to the son to where we are free, are they really free?Through to the passers-by, he came to my sister home, just in the door was the foreman as a beggar and sister, stop in time, they run pottery factory, now has become a well-known local businessman, two siblings, finally meet each other again after all these years, but don’t take him after a brother-in-law know his murderer, want to use a little money to send him to leave, because they had money,But is still looked down upon by aristocrats, especially they know that god is the most handsome, their whole family have suffered, such as sister said we just help him read.For the sake of freedom, your father is no more than your sister, so you have to agree to come down and arrange for him to live with endeavor. The son also sends someone to look after him briefly and allows them to see each other only twice a week. The man is hard to sleep because of fleas, and the people next to him try to tell him that it is nothing here.

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