Is there a way out for ordinary people to start a business?

During the Spring Festival, I chatted with my father and told him that my brother’s business was doing well. In recent years, he not only helped the family pay off the debt, but also bought a car and was preparing to buy a house.Speaking of my brother, dad sounded happy and proud.I am also proud of my brother, who showed me the possibility of a rich son from a poor family and the way out for ordinary people to start their own business.Although my husband also runs a store business, he is far worse than my brother.So we decided to learn from him.A, just start a business without capital, how to do?My family of origin was not rich, so to speak, destitute.My brother’s monthly salary was only a few thousand yuan.Want to start a business but have no capital.His last move was to find a co-owner.My brother didn’t have much capital, but he had skills and mastered the technique of making knife mold, so we jointly opened the factory. The other two agreed to pay more money, while my brother could pay less money and make more efforts.This is where skill comes in.Regardless of any time, even if it is to go to a small factory to polish skills.My elder brother just began to also go to knife mold factory when a small worker, pay less live more.But he studied hard, ten years like a day, his knife mold skills have been greatly improved, this is his own business out of the confidence.Should be that sentence: “a skill in hand, the world I have.”So before you start a business, what are your qualifications?Is it money?Or skills?Or are there customer resources?Two, how to do without customers?In addition to venture capital, there is no customer is also a worry.At present, the problem my husband is facing is the lack of customer resources, so if he wants to continue the shop, he needs to expand new customers.In terms of customers, my brother seems to have no worries. My father said that my brother’s orders are too many to do.Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that a big difference?So my brother and I had a discussion about how to keep a steady stream of customers.In the early stage, he was also a client who relied on his brother to run by himself. Because my brother was good at dealing with people, he accumulated some contacts when he was working.These people may not have the knife mold needs, but they introduced my brother to some people, and my brother went to talk to them.Usually something nothing to ask them to eat bubble tea, business slowly came.Now my brother basically does not have to go out to run business, relying on the introduction of old customers and some word of mouth, every month orders come.Of course, networking is not built by eating and drinking, but by exchanging value.Like other people introduce clients to my brother, my brother will also introduce some resources to them.Or help in other ways.Three, how to maintain the early start-up?There’s startup capital and some customers, but that doesn’t mean the business is going to run smoothly.I mentioned earlier that my brother started his factory in cooperation with two other people. In fact, at the very beginning, there were only a few people, and it was a small workshop at most. There was no accountant to do the books.How much is the cost of materials, labor, utilities and so on?How much money should three people divide each month?Can the factory continue to operate?These problems caused all three of them big heads, which is the importance of bookkeeping.Through account books can objectively understand the operation of the factory, better solve the problem of income distribution of three people.In fact, listening to others, it is not so difficult to start a business, but it is still difficult to take action.For example, in the beginning, how can we convince people to cooperate?Make it look like a business?It takes time and effort to do your homework.In recent years, I have seen the shops downstairs change from one to another. It is very difficult to make money.But it also keeps me more awake.Don’t do your research if you want to start a business on impulse.

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