To meet the personalized requirements, Gucci Lubricants salute the adventurous dream chasers

Nowadays, buying a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a manifestation of people’s pursuit of individuality.Regardless of the brand, appearance, configuration, price and fuel consumption of the vehicle, “personality” has become one of the important factors that determine people’s choice.The choice of oil is the same, since the full synthetic SP grade oil is good oil, why not choose a more suitable for their own?Gucci creates boutique oil from multiple angles to meet the personalized requirements of young people and pay tribute to dream chasers who dare to take risks.Where is “his” personality reflected?1. Good looks.Look at the man on the love of lustrous jade, see like the first oil to have elegant appearance of the atmosphere.Gucci G900 ester synthetic oil, noble gold barrel, classic “red wine” packaging, king style, drow extraordinary.2. Excellent quality.Appearance level of affection, company is the most lasting confession.Gucci G800 ester synthetic oil, excellent and high quality to accompany longer.The product adopts advanced nano alloy high clean technology, imported high quality base oil and additive fusion craftsmanship, to provide the engine with ultra-long lubrication protection, continuous wear resistance, stable performance, and effectively extend the service life of the engine.3. High-end customization — designed to provide lubrication and maintenance solutions for world famous cars.Gucci oil is actively positioned in the world famous car maintenance market, so it puts forward more strict factory requirements for oil quality, deepenses full synthesis, strictly controls quality control, and every drop of oil produced is in line with national standard VI, European standard ACEA, American standard API and other standard requirements.4. Over the sea, deeply ploughed the Chinese market for over ten years.Gucci brand is an “imported product”, but it has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for more than ten years. It is well aware of the driving conditions and road characteristics of Chinese vehicles, which are compatible with the soil and water of vehicles and the quality of vehicles, and knows how to protect the engine.5. Pursue sustainable development, have the courage to make breakthroughs and strive for dreams.Low carbon, environmental protection, safety is the general trend of the development of The Times, the depth of Gucci oil is not confined to the immediate interests and achievements, put the vision in a more long-term position.The oil has been upgraded to a lower ash content and lower sulfur phosphorus formula to effectively protect the automotive aftertreatment system and protect the environment more effectively. The national Sixth technology research and development contributes to the realization of sustainable development.Have yan, have material, have connotation;High-end, “people friendly”, dream oil, do you like it?

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