Single-handedly precipitated the russia-Ukraine conflict!After the war, American corporate titans toast: 2022 will be a prosperous year

According to the Itar-Tass news agency on March 27, the United States single-handed promoted the outbreak of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and gained huge benefits from various aspects.After the war, American business giants have begun to toast, because by virtue of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, they will make a lot of money in 2022, especially the American and Russian military enterprises, become the direct winner of this war, will get a large number of arms orders from European countries.Everyone knows that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fought by Russia and Ukraine, but it is the United States that is driving it.Because the United States faces many problems, to solve this problem, the United States needs to harvest a fat sheep, Europe is the big sheep in the eyes of the United States.Europe’s relationship with Russia has been on the rise in recent years thanks to its energy trade ties, something the White House clearly does not want to see happen.Damaging russia-EU relations is one of the reasons for the US to provoke conflicts.The military-industrial complex, which has a lot of political clout in the US, is happy to keep Things tense in Europe, because European countries will feel the pinch and buy more weapons. That’s their business.In the wake of the russia-Ukraine conflict, many of America’s biggest companies are already raising a glass to the certainty that they will make a lot of money in 2022.Major European countries have decided to increase military spending and build larger armies, directly benefiting the US military-industrial complex.Germany, for example, announced that it would increase its defense spending to 2% of GDP and earmarked an extra 100 billion euros to buy new weapons and equipment and build a strong German army.The German army must buy a large part of its weapons and equipment from American companies. The US military-industrial complex is so dark that it is hard to say how much they can make from it.The cost of the Zumwalt destroyer is as high as 7.5 billion US dollars. The Cost of China’s Type 055 destroyer is only about 7 billion RMB. The COST of the US is six times that of China’s equipment of the same type.It is still sold to the US military, if it is sold to any other country, it will only cost more.If European countries want to expand their military, the American military industry is bound to make the most money.American financial giants stand to benefit enormously from a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.There is a serious bubble in the US financial market, which may burst at any time.However, after the russia-Ukraine conflict, a large amount of European funds fled Europe and entered the Financial market of The United States and Russia in order to avoid the uncertainty brought by the war.As a catalyst for this war, American financial giants have naturally been positioning themselves well in advance, waiting for European capital to arrive and be harvested.It is fair to say that a conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made a lot of money for many large American companies, and they have reason to celebrate.They don’t care how much damage is done to Ukraine and how many people are left homeless by the war they are driving.The military industrial enterprises and financial capital of the US are the real drivers behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict. For their own interests, these enterprises constantly push the White House to launch a war or provoke regional conflicts, from which they gain huge interests.These enterprises have become the biggest destabilizing factor in the world. As long as the nature of the US military-industrial complex does not change, the US will try every means to provoke or start wars, because they are driven by interests.

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