The group shows the ten-year change of Changchun

The main urban area of Changchun expanded outward with the improvement of the interior buildings, which changed dramatically in a decade.Water Purification Plant (Water Cultural Ecological Park) water Purification Plant (Water Cultural Ecological Park) 2011 Water Purification Plant (Water Cultural Ecological Park) 2021 North Huancheng Road North Huancheng Road 2011 North Huancheng Road 2021 Changchun Station changchun Station 2011 Changchun Station 2021 Jingyang Plaza 2011 Jingyang Square 2021 Oriental Square2011 Beihu, Beihu, 2021 South New City, Nanxi Wetland south New City, Nanxi Wetland 2011 South New City, Nanxi Wetland 2021 South Third Ring Road South Third Ring Road 2011 South Third Ring Road 2021 Silicon Valley Street South, Wanshun Silicon Valley Street south, Wanshun Silicon Valley Street South, Wanshun silicon Valley Street South, Wanshun 2011 Silicon Valley Street South, WanChangchun, as the capital of Jilin Province, occupies half of the province’s economy, so its development in the province is of course a dust-ridden one.In recent ten years, the development of Changchun mainly focuses on the development of vacant lots, buildings, parks and street renovation in the urban area. The prominent one is Changchun Station and express road, and Jingyang Square is one of the nodes of changchun Express road.The expansion outside the urban area focuses on The direction of Beihu, Jingyue and Southern New Town. Beihu is the earliest project. Although it develops rapidly, it has been suspended now, and the basic supporting facilities cannot be compared with Jingyue and southern New Town.The only advantage is a light rail line connecting the city a few years ago, but the southern New City and Jingyue are building multiple subway lines and express road projects at the same time, and changchun’s future development focus is clearly in the south.Although the West Railway Station is a first-class high-speed railway station, there are not a few passengers to get on and off the high-speed railway at the west Railway Station every day, but the development of the surrounding area is obviously too slow.May Changchun develop better and better!

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