UZI once again sparked controversy and became a trending trending search, with the livestream using champion single Scout as an actor?

In this year’s transfer period, “Eternal God” UZI came back and joined the BLG team, which attracted the attention of many fans and netizens.Unfortunately, up to now, UZI has not played for THE BLG team officially. Although he has played training games, the BLG players in these AD games are all substitute DOGGO. It seems that UZI has not recovered enough to play.Although UZI did not play in the official game, his popularity is still very high, and many fans are watching the regular live broadcast.During a live broadcast on February 10, UZI caused quite a stir on RANK and even made it to the top trending list on Weibo.In the RANK, UZI noticed that there was a single wave who didn’t know what was going on, so he teased what was going on in the RANK?How to stand still.But UZI’s joke turned out to be that of the S11 champion, EDG’s junior boy Scout, so there was a comment on the Internet that UZI was joking about Scout as an actor, and UZI’s popularity is well known, so there was a hot search.To be honest, I personally feel that UZI has been wronged for this incident.First of all, UZI does have a lot of eyes when he ranks, because there are a lot of online spinage that use UZI’s RANK to open the game, which causes UZI to be a little scared every time he sees a teammate’s performance has a problem. This is a passive reaction, and it is scared. We can see this from UZI’s daily live broadcast.Secondly, UZI didn’t know Scout was the only one on the team, and he didn’t go so far as to tease him about what he was doing, not that he was an actress.I can only say that a player like UZI, his every word and action will be infinitely amplified, if not careful, will trigger a variety of rhythm, which I guess he does not want.We can only hope that UZI will recover soon and try to play for BLG in the league, so that there won’t be many people questioning his current ability.Finally, what do you think of UZI’s on-air joke about his junior Scout making it onto the trending search page?Do you think UZI is innocent?Leave a comment below.

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