Zhao Guoliang, Party Secretary and Director of Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, met with Wang Wei, Vice President of Ctrip Group

On March 14, 2022, Zhao Guoliang, Party Secretary and Director of yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, met with Wang Wei, Vice President of Ctrip Group and his delegation in Kunming.The two sides exchanged views on further tourism cooperation and boosting the recovery of Tourism in Yunnan after the epidemic, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.Zhao guoliang said that Yunnan is at a key stage of promoting high-quality leapfrog development with good development momentum and broad prospects.COVID-19 has posed severe challenges to the cultural and tourism industry in Yunnan, but the momentum of sustainable development of tourism in Yunnan has not changed.Attaches great importance to the development of tour industry in yunnan province, has introduced the measures about the rescue of tourism industry in yunnan province aid “on the precision for epidemic prevention and control several policies and measures to accelerate the development of tourism industry to recover”, the implementation of these policies and measures to promote the province’s economic and social development and the revitalization of tour industry play a good role in promoting.The two sides should further speed up cooperation, form a list of specific cooperation projects, explore new drivers and models for tourism growth as the epidemic prevention and control becomes normal, and explore new routes for personnel exchange. We should actively find the foothold of cultural and tourism cooperation projects among favorable policies, and jointly seek new project resources and development models.During the meeting, Wang Wei, vice president of Ctrip Group, said that Ctrip has always attached great importance to yunnan culture and tourism market, and expects to promote the common progress of Yunnan culture and tourism market while actively arranging.At the same time, the article tour resources integration, rural development and upgrade of text brigade forms and consumption aspects such as scene iterative update ideas and Suggestions are put forward, hope that the two sides to explore a new mode of in-depth cooperation, aiming at high-end text brigade in demand with customized products, build tourism leisure vacation of new tourism model, form Shanghai cooperation demonstration project of yunnan.Province deputy director-general of the culture and tourism hall can Lou wei and strategic cooperation with ctrip group CEO song benefits signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will around the hotel, the home stay facility product cultivation in yunnan, yunnan tourism brand promotion and other aspects to carry out cooperation, promote strategic cooperation project, further enhance the visibility and reputation of yunnan tourism,Efforts will be made to promote the comprehensive and orderly recovery of yunnan’s tourism market and the sustainable development of yunnan’s tourism industry.Editor tong Wenwen this period of zhang Lingjie Hua Fang audit Liu Xiaotong

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