The taste of the year faded, never willing to go relatives began

While watching the short video, the don called and said that my uncle had drunk too much and scolded my cousin in the air. The reason for the scolding was that my cousin had not paid him a New Year call for several years.By the way, dad scolded me for not paying New Year’s greetings to my uncles, actually because I don’t have their contact information anymore.Still remember when I was a child, especially like to go to relatives, because you can eat the usual delicious, but also receive New Year’s money.Now I am old, have a job and have a family of my own. My relatives are getting old and have less and less contact with each other. I don’t see each other for several years.They say first generation, second generation, third generation and fourth generation have nothing.Relatives are still there to meet the social needs of their parents, who believe in blood being thicker than water and helping each other, while young people today believe in relying on their own efforts and overcoming others by inward work.The growing estrangement between relatives is due to the fact that many have left the countryside, the county seat and their own cities to struggle outside.When young people take root in other places, it is difficult to enjoy the convenience brought by kinship. Once they leave reciprocity, the kinship will become estranged.You know your uncle can’t help, you know your uncle is an ordinary farmer, you have no need for them, so you don’t care about the maintenance of their relationship.If your relatives can lend you a person who can, I believe you will overcome all difficulties to give him a happy New Year, say hello, and even have to visit him in person, this is the so-called rich in remote mountains have distant relatives.In the past, riding a bicycle, with some local specialties, with some wine in bulk, with a few snacks, you can happily go to relatives’ home to play for most of the day.Now that everyone has a car and can get around more easily, we find that our relatives are not as happy sitting together as before.It’s not that people have changed, it’s that everyone’s life circle is different. You say you’re a programmer and he doesn’t understand. He says you don’t like it when the crops grow bugs in the ground, so you can only drink tea awkwardly.Some people say this is realistic, but it is the reality, no one wants to waste time on things that are not profitable, many people think that visiting relatives is not as important as sleeping in, not as important as playing a few games, not as important as chatting with online friends.We all get old, and when we get old, we always think that someone remembered us and came to see us. We all die, and after we die, we want someone to remember us and pay homage to us.Here, I advise you to lower your expectations, Kings and ministers are few people remember, let alone ordinary people, lower their expectations, do not ask others, do not force yourself, feel at ease, you will not waste your life!

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