Beautiful and soughy!Tianjin athletes made their first appearance in the Winter Olympics

On the first day of competition after the Opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, tianjin athletes welcomed the debut of the Winter Olympics.Ahenar Adak of Tianjin competes in the women’s 3000m speed skating final at the National Speed Skating Stadium on February 5 at 16:30 Beijing time.Although she finished 17th in 4:12.28, ahanar Adak, 23, made her debut as an individual, a Tianjin Olympian and a Chinese speed skater in this event, which is of great significance to tianjin ice and snow sports.Athena Adak, who is more adept at long-distance events, will compete in the 1,500m, 3,000m and 5,000m individual events in seven of the 14 events.In 2022 the Chinese national team Beijing Olympic speed skating competition in the second round, and na, o o tak has won the 3000 m and 5000 m items first, and successfully entered on behalf of the Chinese national team in the list, and together with her appearance, high level and on the field of “beauty and sayin” style, so in the winter Olympics before the start of the contest a high popularity.Although Ahanar Adak is among the best in the Chinese team in the 3,000m event, she still lags behind the top international athletes in terms of experience and strength. Therefore, she also expects to make a breakthrough in Beijing.Adak was placed in the first group with Claudia Pechstein, 50, a German veteran. Adak started on the inside track and finished in 4:12.28, leading Pechstein by 4.88 seconds.His players are very strong, but then quickly, her grades is gradually moving beyond, eventually the Dutch player renee, gauteng in 3 minutes and 56 seconds 93 win the tournament of the games record, Canadian contestant Isabel, 3 minutes 58 seconds 64 runner-up, martina, Czech republic’s sabu ricoeur Eva 4 0 seconds 34 won the bronze.In addition to Ahenar Adak, The Chinese speed skating team also sent another skater, Han Mei, who had participated in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and had more experience than ahenar, who was a first-time Winter Olympian.In group 7, Han started from a different route and beat Belarusian Maria Zueva in 4:7.74, ranking 15th after all the results were released.Ahenar, the first Tianjin athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics, said after the competition that she was able to come to the Winter Olympics to enjoy the competition.”As the host country, I felt at home with the help and support of many people around me.My goal today was to skate as hard as I could. I want to compare myself to the person I was before.”Ahanar thanked Tianjin for its support. “To represent my country and Tianjin in my first Winter Olympics, the leadership of tianjin Sports Bureau and tianjin Winter and Water Sports Management Center have provided me with great support in all aspects.Gave me a lot of inspiration, gave me strength.”After her debut, Ahenar will compete in the 1,500m and 5,000m individual events and is expected to represent China in the women’s team pursuit.”I think the games will get better and better and better,” ahanar said.I have great expectations for myself and I will continue to fight.”Source: Jinyun New media editor Jiang Xiaofeng

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