Manchester United have been offering a replacement service for Greenwood shirts since three years ago

Manchester United have started to offer fans free replacement of Greenwood shirts three years earlier, the Sun reported.Manchester United striker Alan Greenwood, 20, was arrested by Police in Manchester on Sunday to face a range of charges including sexual assault, rape and threatening to kill.Sources told The Sun that Manchester United are keen to contact fans with a history of Greenwood’s purchases to offer them a free replacement, allowing them to swap their number for a shirt with another player’s name.An email from Manchester United has been published on social media by a fan who bought a Greenwood shirt three years ago.”From our customer service at Manchester United football Club, we are writing to you regarding your previous purchase of a bespoke Manchester United shirt in view of the current situation at Greenwood.”We can confirm that Manchester United and Adidas customers who purchase a Manchester United shirt with Greenwood’s name and number will be offered the opportunity to exchange a Manchester United home shirt featuring another player’s name for this season for free.”Fans have until March 31, 2022 to submit a replacement request by filling out a form.At the time of Greenwood’s arrest, united had yet to reach an agreement on the issue.At the time, a Manchester United fan said he had paid £135 for his son’s full kit with Greenwood’s name on it at the start of the season and contacted the club for a replacement, but received no response.United have removed greenwood from their squad and removed all merchandise from their website bearing his name.Cadbury, the club’s official partner, said Greenwood would not appear on its product packaging.TeamViewer, another sponsor, also announced that it was “closely monitoring the situation”.Nike, greenwood’s clothing sponsor, has ended its contract. “We have terminated our relationship with Mason Greenwood,” Nike said in a statement.We are deeply concerned by the serious allegations against Mr Greenwood and will continue to monitor the situation closely.”Greenwood has been wearing Nike boots since breaking into Manchester United’s first team in 2019.

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