Essay “Snack” by Julia

A month ago a trip to the gate of death for a turn, fortunately, did not cross the bridge, although run very tired very thirsty, also resolutely do not drink Meng Po soup.So the dribs and drabs of this life, still remember clearly.Especially when leaving the hospital, my daughter gave me which a few “not allowed” rules and regulations.This is not, like today’s weather if you go out, which must be in violation of the three rules of one of the “rainy day is not allowed to go out” or according to the breach of contract.Ha! Ha!It’s wise to discipline yourself when you’re old.Silly to sit in front of the window, listening to the big beads, light when heavy percussion of the sound of the window.At first, it sounded like the notes of the Yang Qin, ding-dong, very nice.You say, according to the common sense should be comfortable and comfortable, but I do not know how, as time grows, which rain beat, no reason to become a drop by drop of melancholy drop in my mind, slowly in the mind linger, is not knowing what to do from the hazy.(Thanks wechat) My younger brother and sister happened to send me an interesting article about Shanghai’s steamed rice, which immediately swept away the fog and depressed me. When I saw the happy place, I couldn’t help smiling and remembering my embarrassing anecdotes when I was young….Not long ago, WHEN I was idle, I wrote a childhood embarrassing story “big cake fried dough sticks” unexpectedly won the favor of my friends, and asked me to write more similar interesting stories.Today just drizzle, cold road slippery, take advantage of graffiti a few nonsense.I remember when I was young, shanghainese eat five meals a day.Morning, middle and evening meals are main meals, which is called eating righteously.The other two meals at ten o ‘clock in the morning and three o ‘clock in the afternoon can not be called meals, which is called eating “dim sum”.Some people may be confused, how can there be two names for eating?That’s right. Since ancient times, three main meals are called meals, and the snacks outside the meals are called “dim sum”. After I slowly explain, you will understand.According to legend, the name of “dim sum” has a history of thousands of years, according to research from the Tang Dynasty.For example, “There is the following description in Nengzhizhai Zhuan Lu, written by Wu Zeng of the Song Dynasty: The custom of snacks as snacks began in the Tang Dynasty.For example, when Zheng Xiu of the Tang Dynasty stayed behind for Jianghuai, his family prepared his wife’s morning meal. His wife said to his brother, “I have not finished my dressing, so I have no meal to eat.It means that while I’m not ready for dinner, you can have a snack.”Since ancient times, strict rules, parents do not serve, the younger generation must not eat first.So the wife asked her brother to let the children have a snack before breakfast.This is one of the records about “dim sum”.Second: during the Song Dynasty, liang Hongyu, a heroine, beat a drum to beat back the Jin soldiers, to comfort the soldiers who fought day and night on the battlefield, bravely killed the enemy.Order baking delicious cakes snacks, sent to the front line to show the marshal’s “little heart”.Since then, the name “dim sum” has spread widely.In summary, the name of dim sum has a historical origin.It’s not a Shanghai invention, but the delicacy of the Shanghai people’s dim sum eating is unmatched.Most people do their own, a small bowl of sugar taro, must be added osmanthus sauce, taste up;A small bowl of rice balls, wait until the glutinous rice balls are nine ripe before adding wine, otherwise the wine flavor will be weak;Boil a water poop-egg, clear water, slightly reduce add a drop of sesame oil, some people like to eat sweet add a spoonful of sugar……I’m not going to go through all of them.But some people are a little lazy and go out to buy, a small green ball, a small piece of yellow pine cake or lard cake, two sesame dumplings, a small flowering steamed bread, a few nanxiang steamed bread, a crispy and delicious crab shell yellow…….I don’t have enough delicate snacks to chew on now, but I’ve lived in the north for most of my life and I’m used to big bowls.Now the habit of Shanghai people to eat dim sum, I’m afraid is not much.Times have changed, after all.People’s life is getting faster and faster, even if the three main meals sometimes with instant noodles, box lunch, KFC and other fast food to replace, which have time to get dim sum to eat.The upside, of course, is that housewives are free to spend their days thinking about what to cook for their next meal.Five meals a day is a headache to think about.But there is also a disadvantage, human relations estranged.I used to meet her in a lane: “Aunt Zhang!Come back, buy what a snack to eat!””, “Two green tuan, Mr. Allah loves green tuan”…So the neighborhood is pretty close.Now, takeout delivery home, ask a good wechat, ten days and half a month to see each other.Young people take it for granted and think nothing of it.But THERE’s something missing. Maybe it’s not the right time.Zhu Lihua, 78 years old, Han, originally from Shanghai, current address: Licang District, Qingdao.Snacks are convenient and delicious

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