Fight with a bruised left eye!China’s 18-year-old girl out but let a person moved, Gu Ailing reverse promotion

As the biggest name in the Chinese Winter Olympics, Gu Is undoubtedly the focus of attention, and her freestyle skiing event is also the focus of China’s victory in the Winter Olympics.However, in her side also stood a rising girl, she is Yang Shuorui.After being injured in the warm-up, Yang shuorui was considered to be out of the race. He played with blood in his left eye and finished all three rounds, a truly touching interpretation of the Olympic spirit.Gu Ailing Beijing Winter Olympic Games free skiing project big jump qualification competition began to compete, participating athletes from China’s Gu Ailing, Yang Shuorui, Estonia’s Siirdaru, France’s Ludde, Canada’s Oldham and other people.Among them, Yang Shuorui is only 18 years old at present.Three years ago, Yang Shuorui, then 15 years old, won the slopestyle event in South Korea with 76.20 points.However, Coming to the Winter Olympics, Yang Shuorui’s luck is really bad, before the competition was injured, resulting in an injury to his left eye.But she did not give up, did not retire, but chose to brave the race.In the first jump, Yang shuorui made an obvious mistake during the jump due to his injury and only got 38.25 points.In the second dive, she chose the same type of routine, but unfortunately missed again and only got 40.5 points.In the third jump, Yang shuorui again made a mistake, but also got 55.5 points.The important thing is that her results have continued to improve and she has continued to play through the injury, which is very moving.According to the rules, the highest two points of the three qualifying rounds will be added and the top 12 players will advance to the finals.Yang shuorui scored 96 points in his last two jumps, ranking 20th and missing the cut.It is worth mentioning that When Yang Shuorui finished the last jump to exit, Gu Ailing came over specially to send warm hug to show encouragement.Yang Shuorui injury and Yang Shuorui finish the game is not the same, Gu Ailing’s promotion process although some thrilling, but also smooth.She scored 89 on her first jump, the second highest score of the round.In the second jump, Gu Ailing made an obvious mistake. She made a mistake in her turning motion, and her skis fell off. She only got 24.5 points.In the third jump, Gu sought stability and lowered the difficulty. Her grip motion was very sufficient, and she landed firmly under pressure, scoring 72.25 points. Finally, she ranked fifth with a total score of 161.25 points and advanced to the final.Gu’s biggest surprise came from Siirdaru, an Estonian who failed to qualify for the final with 125.5 points after a poor performance in the Winter Olympics.

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