Join hands in epidemic prevention to build a defense line | Harbin Education Bureau sent a letter to teachers, students and parents in the city

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is grim, and Harbin is still under great pressure from local epidemic prevention and control.In order to prevent and control the epidemic in the city’s education system and safeguard the health and safety of teachers, students, staff and parents, the Education Bureau of Harbin recently issued a letter to teachers, students and parents in the city, calling on everyone to join hands in the epidemic prevention and build a defense line.The Education Bureau of Harbin proposes that teachers, students, employees and parents of students do not go out when it is not necessary to do “two points, one line” commuting to work and living places.In and out of public places, take the initiative to “scan”, reduce takeout and express delivery orders, send and receive, do a good job of packaging disinfection and hand disinfection.Those who do not go to medium-high risk areas, teachers, students, employees and their family members who live together with them should report to the community and school in a timely manner and strictly implement all control measures.Teachers and parents should fulfill their responsibilities and set an example for their children.Strengthen daily health monitoring of teachers, students, staff and family members. If you have fever, dry cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea, fatigue, smell (taste) loss of sensation, conjunctivitis, muscle soreness and other suspicious symptoms, go to the designated hospital in time and report to the school.At the same time, complete nucleic acid tests in accordance with local requirements, abide by local epidemic prevention and control regulations, and support and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.Develop a healthy lifestyle Adhere to scientific exercise, ensure adequate sleep, enhance the body immunity.Keep regular work and rest, balanced nutrition and healthy attitude.We should wash our hands frequently, keep indoor ventilation, wear masks in a scientific and standardized way, maintain safe social distancing, strengthen the study of health concepts, knowledge and skills, improve self-protection ability, and do not believe or spread rumors.To protect children’s physical and mental health, teachers should guide students to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and guide students to do physical and mental adjustment and physical exercise at home by combining work and rest, so as to effectively relieve students’ anxiety during online teaching.Parents should pay close attention to their children’s learning, emotional, psychological and other changes, strengthen communication with the class teacher, give effective company to children, create a warm, harmonious and positive family atmosphere for children, home-school cooperation to care for children’s physical and mental health.Let’s join hands to fight COVID-19, win the “battle of annihilation”, and make every effort to ensure the safety and health of every teacher, student, staff and parents. Let’s get together on campus when the spring breeze brings warmth and the epidemic spreads and flowers bloom.Source: Bingcheng + client

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