Li Caihua received emergency vegetables, issued photos of Shanghai lockdown control

On April 2, actress Li Caihua posted a group of dynamic photos on her social media platform.Li Caihua in the photo broke the news that the latest situation of Shanghai lockdown control.Once the content is released on the network, it causes the netizen’s message concern.With the COVID-19 pandemic, the magic city of Shanghai is making a comeback.In order to prevent the spread of the virus, Shanghai’s Pudong and Puxi areas have been closed down one after another.In the isolation area of Li Caihua, ready to choose live at home.After the live broadcast, Li received vegetable delivery and chose to take a selfie to share online.Li caihua posted photos of emergency vegetables delivered to local communities.The vegetable variety that puts on the ground is various, appear in dweller’s home at this time, appear extremely appropriate scene.Li captioned the photo with, “Thank you motherland, come on Shanghai!”While actively cooperating with quarantine measures, their livelihood is guaranteed.Li caihua even took a picture with carrots to express her joy after receiving vegetables.Also living in Shanghai, famous actress Zhang Lingzhi.Also actively cooperate with quarantine measures, in the evening before April Fool’s Day, also received, from the local streets and communities to the supplies.Vegetables and snacks are all available. The thoughtful gesture of the community staff has been praised by netizens.Chen Long, zhang ling’s husband, signed up to be a volunteer.In order to make personal contributions to the local epidemic prevention work in Shanghai, Chen Long walked into major communities with a loudspeaker, informing residents to take nucleic acid tests.Chen long looks visibly gaunt in a photo taken after work.Against the backdrop of the pandemic, we are all working in our own way to fight the epidemic.Some celebrities promoted and forwarded positive content, and some celebrities took the initiative to donate money and materials to help the affected areas avoid difficulties as soon as possible.All difficulties will pass as long as we stick together as one.And stars with a positive image deserve everyone’s respect.Entertainment gossip daily ridicule, attention gourd brother not lost.

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