The opening of the Winter Olympic Games is amazing, Zhang Yimou explains the ignition creative source, the details behind the more shocking

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics can be described in one sentence: beautiful to explode!Let’s just say there are so many amazing moments to remember.Twenty-four solar terms countdown, each frame can be used to do wallpaper of the degree, not only the United States, but also romantic and advanced to promote the Chinese culture, showing the Chinese people thousands of years of wisdom crystallization.”The Beginning of Spring” is even more impressive. From a distance, you can only see the budding of new grass in early spring, but it is actually a matrix performance by nearly 400 students holding luminous poles.After this scene, the online discussion on how to achieve this beautiful opening continues to this day, and the netizens are getting more and more excited.As well as floating in and out of the field full of Chinese red, when the five-star red flag and the Olympic rings logo appeared together in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the hundreds of people on the field is holding a small national flag, wearing Chinese red, confidently walked forward, all watching this scene of The Chinese people follow the blood boiling.There are so many wonderful moments in the Winter Olympics, every minute of which is full of Chinese culture, which is so beautiful that it has been praised and amazed by netizens from all over the world. Japanese netizens commented “I admire China’s technological capabilities”, and viewers from Russia and the United States praised them.After reading this collection of blood, romance, aestheticism in a suit of opening ceremony, Chinese netizens can not help but sigh: Zhang Yimou, worthy of you!Zhang Yimou is living up to expectations as the chief director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics.In a more unconventional twist, the final lighting of the Olympic flame left the audience feeling both warm and a little confused: Why was there no lighting ceremony for the last leg of the relay?When the last torchbearer came to the center of the stage, in front of a huge snowflake, he just inserted the torch firmly in the center of the snowflake, and the huge snowflake slowly took off, in conjunction with the background explanation, to convey a new concept to the world: small fire.Some felt that the visual effects were insufficient at first, until Zhang Yimou appeared to interpret them.Zhang said the ignition was unique in two ways.First and most unique is that each small snowflake has a delegation name, the world’s delegations together to form a snowflake, also together to form a torch.”All the torches in the past were of our own culture,” Zhang said. “Only our torch was constructed and integrated by the whole world. This is the only one, and it is the most extraordinary.”Zhang Yimou’s words are really too good to realize the real meaning is more than the form without losing the form, but also conveyed the world to protect the Olympic spirit.The second is to interpret the concept of “slight fire” on the last leg of the torch.Zhang yimou said the last leg abandoned the “point” approach, but let the last leg become the cauldron.In the past, the last huge torch was lit for more than ten days, which was a symbol of the Olympic spirit, but it was not environmentally friendly and low-carbon. This time, China wanted to reflect a low-carbon Olympic Games, so it had the last leg now.The torch of a small flame is a concept that has never been seen since the Olympic Games in 100 years. The whole world can see this year’s small flame, standing peacefully in the middle of a huge snowflake, warm and calm, this is a record moment.”Whether you like it or not, the idea is so clear,” Zhang said.With Zhang Yimou’s deep interpretation, now look back on the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing East Olympic Games, is more shocked, and then endless aftertaste.This is the style of a great power, not stuck to form, not in a hurry to show off, but no one dare to look down on and despise.

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