Up to 14 years, $9 million fine!19 people selling toxic and harmful food sentenced in the first trial

Justice network yichang on Feb. 17 (xinhua correspondent RuanXinYing) recently, the hubei province five mountains of tujia nationality autonomous county people’s procuratorate to Sue zhang 19 people, such as sales of poisonous and harmful food case of first instance verdict, county people’s court sentenced to sales of poisonous and harmful food principal defendant zhang imprisonment for 14 years, fine of RMB 9 million yuan;The other 18 defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 10 months to seven years and fined.From February 2019 to June 2020, the defendant Zhang planned and organized the sales of male aphrodisiac products such as “golden gourd” and “Deer penis and Ginseng Pupa tablet” adding toxic and harmful non-food raw materials sildenafil, with the sales amount of RMB 7,602,738 yuan.The inspection and testing center identified that the “golden gourd” and “Deer Penis Ginseng pupa” sold by Zhang et al in 2019 and provided by the victim contained “tadanafil” and “sildenafil” ingredients.Prosecutors believe that this case the defendant zhang people grab huge illegal economic interests, such as add low-cost purchase of the poisonous and harmful ingredients “he that is not” “sildenafil” “3 without” product, disguised as can regulate the health of male sexual function, false advertising via the Internet, and hired without medical experience’s hu, with many people pretend to be doctor, through deceptionDuan was sold at tens of times the high price, involving an amount of more than 8 million yuan, which is shocking and should be severely punished according to law.Source: Justice Network

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