500 employees of Ding Dong Maicai have returned to the guarantee team, and nearly 30 pre-storehouses will open in succession

500 employees of Dingdong Maicai have returned to the supply assurance team, and nearly 30 pre-storehouses will be opened one after another. More people will be put into the supply assurance position.The paper news reporter learned that as of April 7, Ding Dong Mai Vegetables has recalled nearly 500 front-line employees back to the supply protection team, and arranged to quickly resume the operation of the pre-storehouse which had been suspended. At present, nearly 30 pre-storehouse which have been closed in Baoshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Xuhui, Yangpu and other regions have been reopened.Ding-dong shopping surge wei-wei zhang told reporters, head of baoshan area, baoshan district, a total of 29 front storehouse by earlier outbreaks, including 15 to suspend business, after receiving the announcement that relevant departments, is the first time the owners inside the notification area, preparing to open, and the list of employees statistics, for passport to apply for insurance for the employees, and actively communicate with residents’ committees,Help them get back on the front lines.In order to ensure the sealing and control environment of the community, Ding Dong Mai CAI carries out closed-loop management for all the guarantee staff, and stays in the hotel or accommodation arranged by Ding Dong Mai CAI. The activity scope of guarantee staff is limited to the work area and accommodation.As of April 7th, 21 pre-storehouses in Baoshan District of Dingdong Maicai have been in normal operation, with more than 180 newly added front-line employees. It is expected that 80% of pre-storehouses can be in normal operation this week.

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