51-year-old Lee Ching Ching teaches children to write Chinese calligraphy!A pair of daughter clever sensible, like 90 after three marriage husband

Recently, Li Jingjing’s husband posted a video of her teaching her two children how to write Chinese calligraphy on social media, with a caption saying that a kind child is the cutest.That day, Li Jing Jing wearing dark brown loose sweater, a head of soft hair shawls, hair pin bangs fixed on the top of the head, revealing a bright and clean full forehead, her skin is very fair, facial features are positive atmosphere, if you can slim down must also be a big beauty, after all, every fat are “potential”.Li jingjing’s daughter, wearing an off-white sweater, a shoulder-length short hair and a light pink hair clip on her head, has a small face and a fair complexion. She lies on the table and practices her Chinese calligraphy carefully. She does not care if her clothes are stained with ink.Li Jingjing see her daughter has mastered the basic essentials, mischievously shouted “right”, the child scared not light.Later, she patiently taught her son how to hold the pen, explaining the essentials while demonstrating, but the child was young, she finally had to hold his hand, treat him very patient.The little boy was wearing a grey hoodie and a close-cropped haircut.Under the guidance of Li Jingjing carefully, two children finally mastered the correct pen holding posture, she said this first do not write, the most important pen holding posture.Li Jingjing’s third marriage husband Liu Zhen did not show up, but he took a mobile phone camera record, the family is very happy.It is worth mentioning that A pair of Li Jing Jing’s children have inherited their father’s appearance level, facial features and face shape like Liu Zhen, looks very beautiful.After the release of the dynamic, many netizens left comments praising Li Jing Jing as a responsible mother, the two children look exactly like their father.Others joked that she felt like she was acting too hard now, and that “Yes” was really scary.Earlier, Liu Zhen had sun out of Li Jingjing taught three children to practice calligraphy picture, the eldest daughter Jin Guo also appeared, she was wearing a black sweater, with a hairpin will be long hair fixed on the top of the head, one hand chin lying on the table to see his mother demonstration calligraphy, look at the camera also happily greeted.Jin Guo has developed into a graceful young girl, the five officials opened after more and more beautiful, the family appearance level is very high.It is reported that Jin Guo is born to Li Jingjing and her first husband Zhang Jinhua. The couple met on the set of “Golden Marriage”. After falling in love, they had a daughter in a flash marriage, but eventually ended up divorcing.This marriage to Li Jingjing caused a lot of damage, she later find two husbands are younger than her, especially the current husband Liu Zhen is a 90 years, a full 21 years younger than her, after their marriage to give birth to a son and a daughter, both children look like their father.Although not Liu Zhen gold fruit biological, but their two relationship is very good, Li Jingjing specially shared father and daughter daily get along with the dynamic, said her husband is the patron saint of fruit.However, netizens have different opinions, li Jingjing to protect his daughter, do not believe people around you, after all, the man is much smaller than her.Jing Jing Li announced to retire from the circle since 2019, rarely again filming film and television works, but she is very active on the Internet, often update the dynamic, or two couples together live with goods, a family of five people live in a mansion carefree life, I hope they have been so happy.

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