College entrance examination news, students won gold and silver, huaian 1 county New Year address inspiring

Red plum bud proud winter snow, green willow to welcome the New Year.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, we would like to extend our best wishes to all of you!Looking back on 2021, Lianshui Middle School, Huai ‘an City, Jiangsu Province, keeps in mind the goal, bravely undertakes the mission, strives for reform, bravely strives for the first, wholeheartedly plans the characteristic development, strives for the quality improvement, and constantly makes new breakthroughs and leaps forward in the development of the school.This year, the provincial lianzhong selection and acceptance repeatedly played good news:Three win “civilized campus of jiangsu province”, successively in jiangsu teenage essay contest “excellent organization” new “youth science and technology education advanced school of jiangsu province” “on the comprehensive evaluation of average high school excellent unit” “lianshui county people’s satisfied school” and other 13 provinces and cities at the county level honor, complete base post-project provincial ecological environment education courses,Successfully passed the national civilized campus, provincial mental health education characteristic school, provincial primary and secondary school students labor education and comprehensive practice excellent base application and provincial ecological civilization practice base acceptance.This year, the results of the college entrance examination in the province and then spread good news:For five years before a breakthrough on the basis of the record again and again, to implement the “one year more than a year” goal, the one of line and the number of line rate has greatly increased, new breakthrough in C9 school enrollment, there are dozens of students by nanjing university, Shanghai jiaotong university, jilin university, shandong university, southeast university and other famous universities.In this year, there were many good news about the teachers in Lianchung: 21 people won the honorary titles of “Model teacher”, “Excellent Teacher”, “Excellent teacher”, “Excellent Teacher” and “Excellent Educator”, 18 people won the first and second prizes in provincial and municipal excellent class competitions and paper evaluation, and more than 10 national and provincial projects were concluded or approved.This year, the provincial Lianyuan High School Student Competition achieved a lot:In the final of the 33rd Golden Key Science and Technology Competition, 3 students won the special prize, 7 students won the first prize, 21 students won the first and second prizes in the provincial composition competition, 2 students won the first prize in the provincial biology competition, and 10 students won the second prize in the provincial mathematics, physics and chemistry competition.The 12 students who participated in the talent competition won 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 7 third prizes.In this year, the five educations in the province of Lianzhong have been fruitful and colorful: track and field sports meeting, running gymnastics competition, artistic gymnastics performance, group gymnastics performance, two aerobics show and other activities, highlighting the charm of the school’s characteristic development.Spring spring spring spring spring, tiger will raise tiger power.Looking forward to 2022, the more magnificent blueprint needs us to chart, let us precisely focus on the glorious mission of “building provincial high-quality demonstration high School”, sail forward, break through the waves, overcome difficulties, forge ahead, to create more brilliant belonging to the province ripple, to draw a more beautiful picture belonging to the province ripple!

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