He respected his wife, dote on three, but finally asked to be buried with two, but can not do so

In January 1924, he Xiangning, a famous politician and social activist in modern China, proposed the abolition of polygamy, after which many women were rescued from the terrible situation.But before that, warlords and merchants had a habit of taking concubines. If they married one, they had to marry another. In their eyes, women had been completely reduced to the means of reproduction, and concubines had a very low status in the family except for the first wife.But there is a warlord exception, although his first marriage was arranged by his mother, but he also gave his wife very great respect, after marrying his concubine, but also to its utmost love, let his wife is very satisfied, he is Sun Chuanfang.After famous family Sun Chuanfang is a typical academic warlord, and the military background of Zhang Zuolin is different, Sun Chuanfang studied abroad in the early years of the Japanese army academy, and after the Japanese invasion of China commander-in-chief Gang Village ningji became a classmate.It is worth mentioning that Sun Chuanfang is actually the descendant of Sun Wu, the “sage of war”. Sun’s family has many famous ancestors, including Sun Fu, the prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, who is also a famous educator.The gene of the family to Sun Chuanfang here, it seems that there is still a continuation, after studying abroad from Japan Sun Chuanfang, soon mixed out of a day in the direct warlord, when Zhang Zuolin with fengjun pass, occupied a large area of land in the South of the Yangtze River, Yang Yuting was also sent to Jiangsu as the supervising army, a time fengshi warlord scenery is infinite.It was around this time that Sun chuanfang’s mother arranged for him to marry a woman surnamed Zhang, the daughter of his mother’s distant relatives.At her mother’s urging, Sun married Zhang, even though his son was already an army officer and he had always told his mother he wanted to start his career first.The zhang had a surname but no first name, which shocked Sun Chuanfang, who had studied at the university, so he decided to choose a name for his wife.Sun Chuanfang remembered his words – xin Yuan, mother told him according to the genealogy, the woman this generation is your word generation, so Sun Chuanfang gave his wife named Zhang Guixin.After marriage, Sun Chuanfang is not generally good to Zhang Guixin, although the monthly allowance is not much, but Zhang Guixin’s requirements sun Chuanfang will agree and comply with one by one, for arranged marriage, Sun Chuanfang has done very well.The couple lived a respectful life. Sun Chuanfang was famous for his cruelty and beheaded the prisoners who surrendered to him. However, at home, Sun Chuanfang was a good husband who respected his wife very much, which was very rare.After sun Chuanfang entered the direct warlord, he first served as a training officer and trained a number of reliable officers for the hubei army inspector Wang Zhanyuan at that time. At the same time, he also focused on the training of soldiers, so that the fighting level of the direct army improved more than a little.After the revolution of 1911, Sun chuanfang’s promotion speed can be described as terrifying. First, he was promoted from instructor to battalion commander, the next year he became the head of the battalion, and then within a year he was promoted two levels to the position of division commander.Wang Zhanyuan very appreciate Sun Chuanfang, often let him go to the house for a Syria, the two people from the parents chat home affairs, every time to stay late at night, Wang Zhanyuan will let his private kitchen do a good table to entertain Sun Chuanfang.Once, the palace servant girl He Jiexian is serving food, Sun Chuanfang saw, the heart rose a fiery fire, he fell in love with the woman, Sun Chuanfang realized that this is the arrival of love, he must marry He Jiexian home.Life love now about he Jiexian information is very little, but according to predecessors oral, describe he Jiexian has the appearance of fairy, speak gentle and elegant, although as a servant girl, but temperament does not lose miss, because of this, she can let Sun Chuanfang fall in love with her.This he Jiexian’s life, but also from wang Zhanyuan’s wife production, when Wang Zhanyuan’s wife gave birth to the first child, in the hospital in Shanghai, when she was discharged from the hospital, the driver found he Jiexian on the roadside, Wang Zhanyuan feel with this child, so it will be brought to your house when the servant girl.Wang Zhanyuan was keenly aware of sun Chuanfang at dinner, as an old fox immersed in officialdom for many years, he had a plan in his heart.At that time, China’s warlord system, in order to stand firm in this chaotic world, must have talent, fengshi warlord Zhang Zuolin Yang Yuting and Guo Songling, Anhui warlord Xu Shuzheng, and his lineal strong, must rely on Sun Chuanfang.Therefore, under the matchmaking of Wang Zhanyuan, Sun Chuanfang will he Jiexian married home, Sun Chuanfang had worries, afraid of his wife Zhang Guixin blame, did not think he Jiexian and Zhang Guixin hit it off, they soon to sisters, get along very harmoniously.Sun Chuanfang this just relax, he and He Jiexian spent a fairy day, then Sun Chuanfang has been expensive for the commander, but will still take time to accompany He Jiexian shopping, they will fight with each other, just like an ordinary newlyweds.But the good times did not last long, only with Sun Chuanfang married for a year, He Jiexian died from a terrible disease, Sun Chuanfang hit, shut himself in the home for five days and five nights, and finally his adjutant broke in, sun Chuanfang has been in a coma to the hospital, picked up a life.See her husband so uncomfortable, wife Zhang Guixin is also very sad, she even persuaded Sun Chuanfang to marry another, but for just lost love sun Chuanfang, is not the time.Assassinated but even Sun Chuanfang himself did not think of, the next paragraph of love will come so quickly, before long Wang Zhanyuan let him change Yichang, Sun Chuanfang attended the graduation ceremony of local women teachers.Sun Chuanfang gave the female students a red flower, and warned them to work hard, for the country and the people to make a career, when Sun Chuanfang for a girl named Zhou Peixin award, he can not move the way.Looking at Zhou Peixin’s beautiful face and simple eyes, Sun Chuanfang suddenly took off his hat, and then to Zhou Peixin respect a military salute, and loudly asked Zhou Peixin to marry him.Miss Zhou was only 16 or 17 years old and had never been in love before. She was suddenly vindicated by a general and seemed helpless.Sun Chuanfang is not in a hurry, after the ceremony, he immediately sent to the zhou family under the dowry, will soon marry Zhou Peixin home.Zhang Guixin saw her husband cheer up again, feel very happy, she is very good to Zhou Peixin, they are close as sisters, just get better every day, Sun Chuanfang was assassinated.Before dying, Sun Chuanfang told his children with his last little strength that he and He Jiexian would be buried in a tomb after his death, and then died.Zhang Guixin and Zhou Peixin looked at each other, they came to understand, Sun Chuanfang love has been He Jiexian.However, sun Chuanfang’s eldest son did not listen to his father’s will, since ancient times, husband and wife buried together is the rule, he Jiexian is a concubine, which have with concubine buried together?Therefore, Sun Chuanfang was finally buried with his original wife Zhang Guixin, and his desire to lie together with the people he loved most was still not realized.

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