Open to traffic!

Recently Wujiagang Baisha Road extension section officially opened to traffic longitudinal fast link Dongshan AvenueChengdong Avenue will be connected with shuangcheng Road under construction and Baicheng Road under planning, which will greatly ease the traffic pressure from Dongshan Avenue to Jucheng Road to East Railway Station. Country Garden Phoenix and other surrounding residents will travel more smoothly and conveniently. The extended section of Baisha Road is the urban main road of Wujiagang District with a total length of 1584 metersTwo-way 6 lanes design speed of 60 kilometers per hour by the City investment company affiliated to Yichang City Development Group investment construction 🔼 Baisha Road before the completion of 🔼 Baisha Road after the completion of the road paved with permeable brick asphalt pavement pavement

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