Smooth travel safe parking free convenience in 2021 Weifang traffic police do these practical things

Qilu network · Lightning news On January 27, 27, the reporter from weifang City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment learned that in the past year, Weifang traffic police investigation road traffic safety hidden dangers, the organization to carry out a series of special rectification action, continue to maintain strict control of serious traffic violations and high pressure situation.At the same time, the “little blue box” free parking space has been promoted throughout the city, urban smart traffic signal optimization project has been built, civilized traffic action has been carried out, and a series of new measures for the convenience of the people and enterprises, such as “24 hours open” DMV, have been introduced to escort the safe and smooth travel of citizens.In 2021, Weifang Road Traffic Safety Regulations and Weifang Construction Project Traffic Impact Assessment Implementation Measures were implemented one after another, and the dual road length system was promoted in the city. The government’s territory, department supervision, industry supervisors and enterprises’ main responsibility was effectively consolidated.Road traffic safety systems and comprehensive governance have been effectively improved.Throughout the year, special campaigns were carried out to investigate and rectify road traffic safety, such as “two roads and two vehicles”. A total of 88,602 potential traffic safety hazards were removed and corrected, including 74 serious traffic safety hazards such as road markets and labor markets.At the same time, the traffic police department focused on drinking and driving, three exceeding one fatigue and other easy accidents, highlighting the law, organized more than 70 special rectification actions, investigated and dealt with 5.989 million traffic violations, including 23,016 drunk driving, 49,000 overloading, 21,000 overcrowding, forming a multi-wave high-frequency governance situation, effectively ensuring road traffic safety.In addition, the traffic police department also vigorously carried out the urban area “blast street” motor vehicles illegal centralized rectification, seized 110 “blast street” motor vehicles, criminal detention of 1 person, administrative detention of 4 people, fine score 54 people.Led the establishment of a special team of traffic dust pollution control, carried out joint law enforcement 360 times, inspected 513 construction sites, punished 67 construction sites and 96 transportation enterprises, and investigated and dealt with 2,931 traffic violations involving muck trucks and commercial concrete trucks.The civilized traffic action of “One Helmet, Always Safe” has been carried out, and over 1.362 million “love helmets” have been issued, ranking first in the province.The “three-three linkage” working mechanism has been introduced to effectively eradicate the disturbing phenomenon of illegal intermediaries around the city’s DMV.Not only that, the traffic police departments also adhere to scientific management, solid promotion of urban traffic integration, high-tech, binhai, economic development zones in the traffic police brigade from the local public security branch management adjustment to vertical management of the detachment, traffic safety facilities funding, management and maintenance system reform is steadily advancing.In the urban area, the construction of intelligent traffic signal optimization project, from the trial operation, the total stop times of flat peak and peak peak are reduced by 62% and 31% respectively, and the trip time is reduced by 31% and 20% respectively.Was carried out in multiple city intersection traffic police department “reverse variable lane” “left turn lanes of right” and so on the new model, optimal block road crossing zebra crossing 29 in 780, optimization of signal timing adjustment time, the construction optimization of traffic signs of more than 1100 sets of (surface), delimit and 152000 square meters of new traffic line markings, enhance the level of urban traffic facilities of fine.Make full efforts to guarantee key projects such as Beihai Road Tongting Street overpass and Baotong Street Viaduct, do well in the demonstration of new overpass and road maintenance and other transport and security facilities, and take the lead in “optimization and Improvement of urban transport and security Facilities” and other two municipal key projects, more than 90% have been completed, and the urban traffic efficiency has been improved.Open and free parking Spaces 525000, citizens travel more worry, 2021 limited-time free parking let citizens no longer difficult, weifang integrate the traffic department the authority institution in the city, urban roads, hospitals, schools and large business to wait five types of parking resources, open and free parking, 525000, was weifang municipal party committee municipal government in 2021 identified as the first typical reform.In order to improve the efficiency of the public to handle car driving management business, the traffic police department formulated and introduced “24 hours do not close” and other 20 “I do practical things for the masses” new measures for the convenience of enterprises.At the same time, the first intelligent license plate supervision and marketing center was established in China, realizing the precise management of the whole process and cycle of production, issuance, recycling and destruction of motor vehicle license plates.The promotion of electronic driving license, the city’s 635,000 drivers successfully applied for electronic driving license.We formulated opinions on caring for cruise taxi drivers, allocating 360 parking Spaces at 180 taxi stations and adding 129 parking spots in urban areas.Adhere to the party leading, a solid team to carry out the party history study education and education reorganization according to introducing, in the past year, the traffic police department always adhere to the party leading, solid team to carry out the party history study education and education rectification, team party theory group focused learning 12 times, county leaders do part 3 batches of 2 times in history of the party and the sixth plenary session of the 19th monographic study,Secretaries of Party organizations at all levels gave Party lectures more than 110 times, and conducted checklist-type inspections and supervision of all 28 Party branches.In accordance with the principle of “hierarchical organization and flexible training”, 11 special training courses were organized at the detachment level, involving more than 4,000 policemen. The traffic police departments at all levels of the city received more than 1,820 training sessions, involving more than 14,000 civilian auxiliary policemen. The spirit of the team showed a new outlook.We completed the adjustment of auxiliary police levels and the increase of basic salaries, with an increase of more than 460 yuan per capita.We implemented welfare policies for trade unions, and provided assistance to 13 auxiliary police officers who died in the line of duty, fell seriously ill or were in difficulty.In 2022, weifang traffic police plan to do it in 2022, weifang traffic police will do a good job in the party’s 20 major traffic security as the main line, to prevent accidents “reduction control” is the total gripper, cohesion five main attack direction, depending on the previous step, the initiative as, as a whole to carry out the risk prevention, security, open each work measures, with good mental state and the excellent work performance,To welcome the 20th victory of the Party.We will strengthen and improve our work style and lay a solid foundation for our work throughout the year.In the ideological style, improve the political position, a comprehensive inspection of the party members of the police in the political ability, party spirit, mission responsibility, pattern and other aspects of the problems and deficiencies, with the saddle, never let go of the determination to resolutely rectify, to further gather the strong positive energy of responsibility, work and entrepreneurship.In the work style, adhere to the first class, only flag is seized, pressure to forge ahead, work hard, in the accident prevention, order control, convenient services and other business comprehensive upgrade, and strive to launch 2-3 weifang traffic police in the province and even the country called the bright spot brand.Work together to solve prominent problems in the system and mechanism, and vigorously promote the high-quality development of public security traffic management.At the government level, we will actively promote the inclusion of comprehensive road traffic safety management work into comprehensive performance assessment of high-quality development at the city and county levels, and strengthen joint efforts in joint management.We will clarify and straighten out the administrative authority of traffic facilities in the outer ring of the city and implement integrated management and maintenance.To study and formulate the management methods suitable for the actual situation of Weifang city, to lay a good foundation for orderly elimination after the expiration of the transition period.At the level of traffic police, all brigades are encouraged to implement the duty operation mode suitable for local characteristics to further improve the ability of precise control.We will deepen the reform of public security traffic control to delegate power, delegate control, and provide services, and encourage more traffic control services to be handled online, on their own, in local areas, and immediately.Poly high standard construction law enforcement supervision and management center, vigorously promote the standardization of traffic police enforcement on duty.The big data law enforcement supervision and management platform has been developed to integrate 14 supervision systems, including alcohol detectors, law enforcement recorders and property involved in cases, to achieve precise and in-depth supervision of key businesses.We will promptly formulate and introduce a law enforcement system or legal guidance to ensure that law enforcement decisions and systems are legal, targeted and operational.We will strictly implement the system of case review and supervision committees, regularly report the handling of criminal and administrative cases and data on problems, and ensure the quality of law enforcement and case handling.Gather the party to build the leadership, focus on forging “four iron general” excellent traffic police team.Adhere to the political police construction, innovation of the “Party building +” new model, stratified to build with traffic police characteristics of the party building demonstration sites and demonstration brands.Adhere to the cultural education of police, deepen the study and education of party history, and create the theme culture, professional culture, innovation culture and clean government culture with the characteristics of Weifang traffic police.Adhere to the quality of strong police, closely follow the four elements of “full police, normal, actual combat, effective”, carry out regular combat training of all police, improve the comprehensive ability of front-line police.Adhere to the police, from the police, auxiliary police the most concerned issues, further improve the traffic police career security mechanism.Focus on the implementation of key work, vigorously promote the implementation of the “reduction and control of large” measures.We will carry out dynamic reform of traffic safety risks in key areas, key vehicles, and key violations of laws, and strengthen the defense line against traffic accidents.We will standardize the implementation of the dual road chief system, and establish a modern governance system with local leaders taking responsibility as the core and road chiefs at all levels having clear responsibilities.Strict supervision of motor vehicle inspection, driver training and second-hand car trading will be carried out to reduce potential safety hazards from the source.We will thoroughly map out the congestion and chaos in urban areas, implement “one point, one case” treatment measures, and improve traffic efficiency.We will intensify efforts to crack down on traffic violations and maintain a strict and high-pressure stance.Lightning news reporter Li Tao weifang report

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