Surprise benefits to Jiaxing Game GS limited time special, looking forward to your visit

Today, I would like to recommend a car to you: Yi Xuan GS, which is especially suitable for daily use. It is reported that:Dongfeng Fengshen – Jiaxing Jintai store February 12 – February 12 limited time feedback users, preferential car purchase,Friends who are interested in the game GS might as well personally experience the promotion time from February 12, 2022 to February 12, 2022 Game GS latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Jiaxing offer 230T automatic star version 91,900 yuan 0.01 yuan 91,800 yuan 230TAutomatic chasing wind version 84,900 yuan 0.01 yuan 84,800 yuan 200T manual chasing star version 81,900 yuan 0.01 yuan 81,800 yuan 200T manual chasing wind version 74,900 yuan 0.01 yuan 74,800 yuan 230T automatic chasing moon version 99,900 yuan 0.01 yuan 99,800 yuan 230TAutomatic chasing light version 108,900 yuan 10,800 yuan 230T automatic chasing star warrior version 93,900 yuan 10,800 yuan 93,800 yuan 230T automatic chasing moon warrior version 101,900 yuan 10,800 yuan 101,800 yuan 230T automatic chasing obsidered warrior version 96,900 yuan 10,800 yuan 96,800 yuan

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