BMW dominated the luxury car sales ranking in January. BBA was too dominant

January’s sales rankings are fresh, and the luxury car sector is in turmoil.But no matter how hard the other brands try, the BBA trio’s dominance remains unchallenged, dominating the top five last month.BMW was unstoppable, winning all the titles and runners-up.Mercedes only made the list with its e-Class, while Audi grabbed the fourth and fifth spots.1. BMW 3 Series January Sales: 24,950 After a four-month slump, the BMW 3 Series made a comeback last month.With direct sales of nearly 25,000 units last month, it has risen to the top of the luxury sedan list.In fact, since its launch, the car has been popular among young consumers due to its stylish appearance and excellent performance.It attracted attention last August when it launched a number of new models.In addition to its excellent appearance, the BMW 3 Series also has a lot of texture in its interior design.It is covered with a large number of leather materials, into part of the piano paint decorative board, grade in line with luxury car attributes.Its length can be up to 4829mm, the wheelbase of the longest nearly 3 meters, in the same model to occupy a certain advantage.12.3-inch full LCD instrument + 10.25-inch touch LCD display technology charm, human-computer interaction experience do not worry.It is equipped with a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 258 horsepower.After all, performance is the key to the BMW 3 Series’ market dominance, and this is not an area where it can be held back.Second place: BMW 5 Series Sales in January: 22,608 BMW Double Star shining, in addition to the 3 series topped the sales, 5 series successfully occupied the second place.It surprised the world with a strong rebound last month after selling just 7,453 in the final month of last year.At present, the new car will be launched in October 2021. With the continuous fermentation of word-of-mouth effect, many potential customers are aroused to purchase cars.The BMW 5 Series is 5106mm long and has a wheelbase of 3105mm.Its interior space is very rich, the seat material is quite exquisite, so the driving experience is in the forefront of competing models.The latest iDrive intelligent vehicle system is applied in the technology configuration of 12.3-inch full LCD meter and the same size touch LCD screen.It is also powered by a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with 252 horsepower except for the two entry-level models.Now domestic BMW X5L is also on the market, the brand is full of ambition to seize more shares.No. 3 Mercedes E-Class Sales in January: 18,252 Units Although there was also a significant increase in sales, Mercedes had only one e-Class in the top five, so it was a bit of a bummer.The E-Class has fallen short of its old rival, THE BMW 5-Series, but the Audi A6L has fallen short.With a starting price of 439, 900 yuan, the car is well received in the domestic market, with many middle classes buying an E-Class as a status symbol.Mercedes-benz E-class shape design is divided into two forms. The mercedes-benz logo tends to be commercial, while the large logo is to enhance the sense of movement.Its length is 5,078mm, and its wheelbase is 3,079mm.The Mercedes interior is one of the things that gets the car’s attention, with its 12.3-inch screen creating a tech vibe and the classic air conditioning air outlet feeling nice.Many people say that Mercedes has a lot of power, but the e-Class s 2.0-ton engine can produce 258 horsepower, which is impressive.No. 4 Audi A4L1 Sales: 16,839 Units The Audi A4L is a regular on these lists, and it gained even more momentum after adopting the price-for-market strategy, taking the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class by surprise.The car is very suitable for urban young people, fashion and sense of control are worth affirming.At present, Audi A4L has a total of seven models on sale, and consumers are still relatively rich in choice.The car’s 10.1-inch central control screen is clear and smooth, and wireless CarPlay is a highlight.In terms of power, the car is also equipped with a 2.0T engine, and its fuel economy is acceptable in inter-city traffic.No. 5 Audi A6L1 Monthly sales: 12,766 units In fact, the Audi A6L is lucky to be no. 5. It’s just over 1,000 units ahead of the Red Flag H5.As audi’s proud work in the field of medium and large sedans, A6L was very popular with the halo of “official car”, leading a rival in both sales and reputation.Audi A6L has also experienced a period of transformation after the market is becoming younger.But it can keep up with the pace of The Times, not only to the appearance design to join a lot of trend concept, at the same time the interior layout is more scientific and reasonable.In terms of power, the car is not only equipped with a 2.0T engine, some models are also based on 3.0T V6 engine +48V light mixing system, coupled with a timely four-wheel drive system, driving and control experience is quite excellent.It is reported that the audi A6L will be greatly changed this year officially meet with everyone, when the new car is bound to cause a sensation, market prospects are worth looking forward to.

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