“Central Plains Lecture Hall” urban planning theme report held Lou Yangsheng attended and spoke Wang Kai liu Wei attended

According to the overall arrangement of the activities to carry out the “Capacity and Style construction year” in the province, on February 12, the “Central Plains Lecture Hall” sponsored by the organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial Activities Office was held, combined with the collective learning of the theoretical learning center group of the provincial Party Committee.Liu Taige, former chairman of Singapore National Arts Council, was invited to make a video presentation on smart Urban Planning.Provincial Party secretary Lou Yangsheng attended the report and spoke.Governor Wang Kai and Provincial CPPCC Chairman Liu Wei attended the meeting.In the report, Liu Taige introduced the advanced experience of urban planning and construction, typical cases, in-depth explanation of the relationship between people and land in urban development, the relationship between industry and livable, the relationship between administrative decision makers and urban planners, etc., and put forward suggestions for henan’s urban planning and construction.Lou yangsheng said that the report combined with a wealth of practice and cases, a profound exposition of the concept of urban planning, principles, methods, etc., after listening to deeply inspired, deeply learned.Lou Yangsheng pointed out that planning is the soul of urban development. In the history of Urban development in China, many historic cities and historic buildings have become more and more rich in connotation as time goes by, and their cultural penetration has become stronger and stronger, which largely benefits from the leading role of planning.The concept of urban organic life should be established, urban development should be planned from the perspective of 30 years, the layout of elements, spatial structure and functional positioning should be well coordinated, and the massive cultural resources and unique natural endowment should be made good to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of cities.The masses of party members and cadres to strengthen the historical sense of responsibility, combined with the “ability to the attitude construction year” activities, strengthen urban planning professional knowledge learning, improve aesthetic standard, aesthetic ability, being a good a place, the development of a city “planners”, strive to build a harmonious and livable, energetic, each has its own characteristics of modern city.There was also an interactive exchange of questions.The participants believe that when the activities of “Capacity and style construction year” are carried out in depth, holding the “Central Plains Lecture Hall” is a specific measure for the provincial Party Committee to promote the party members and cadres in the whole province to learn and master the frontier knowledge of “ten strategies”, strengthen the training of professional ability, and constantly improve the capacity level of the construction of modern Henan.We said that we should continue to promote the great learning, great training, great training and great improvement, with excellent political literacy, professional ability, work style, the implementation of the provincial party committee’s various decisions and arrangements, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory.The report will be held in the form of video conference, with sub-venues set up in various provincial cities, Jiyuan demonstration zone and counties (cities, districts).Provincial party committee standing committee, organization minister Chen Shun presided over the report.Provincial party committee theory study center group members, provincial direct and central stationed in Henan related units responsible comrades to attend the report.On February 12, in accordance with the overall arrangement of the province to carry out the “Year of Capacity and Style Construction” activities, the “Central Plains Lecture Hall” hosted by the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Activities Office was held, combined with the collective learning of the provincial Party Committee’s theoretical learning center group.Liu Taige, former chairman of Singapore National Arts Council, was invited to make a video presentation on smart Urban Planning.The report was held by video conference. Gao Jianjun, Li Xiangyu, Lu Zhijun, Yan Hongxin, Cao Zhongliang, Yang Kejun, Fu Lei, Zhang Songwen, Shao Hua, Huang Yuguo and other municipal leaders attended the report in kaifeng.Municipal Standing committee, Lankao County Party secretary Li Mingjun in lankao branch venue to attend the report.There was also an interactive exchange of questions through video link.Liu Taige answered a question on urban planning, construction and development raised by Mayor Li Xiangyu.Liu Taige said that Kaifeng, a renowned historical and cultural city, has advantages, foundation and conditions to build itself into a world famous historical and cultural capital.He once visited Kaifeng and had a special liking for kaifeng, which left a good impression on him.He said that there is much to be done in intelligent urban planning in Kaifeng. He hoped that kaifeng could creatively inherit the cultural genes of the Song Dynasty, realize the splendor of the old city and the new district, and realize the coexistence of ancient and modern civilizations, and build itself into a world historical and cultural capital at an early date.In September 2012, The city hired Liu Taige, the “father of Singapore planning”, as the urban planning consultant of Kaifeng Municipal People’s Government.

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