Chinese and American snack industry competition

In 2020, the total output value of snack industry in Mainland China will reach 1.120 billion YUAN;In 2021, the U.S. snack industry generated about $107 billion in revenue.2, per capita in 2019, the United States per capita consumption of snacks 13 kg per year, ranked the first in the world, more than half of americans eat snacks 2-3 times a day;In the same year, the average person in mainland China consumed 2.2kg of snacks.3. Prefer the most popular snacks in Mainland China, including: latiao, pickled pepper chicken feet, crispy rice crust, mahua, seaweed, dried spicy beans, potato chips, etc.Potato chips, cornflakes, popcorn and pretzels are American favorites.4, the list of the world’s top ten snack enterprises, the United States accounted for 3, respectively: the first Mars & AMP;Wrigley (whose brands include Dove, Snickers and Wrigley Gum), Mondelez International (No. 3) and Hershey (No. 5).No companies from the Chinese mainland made the list.

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