Diabe County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade to do a good job during the school road traffic safety management

Began in the spring of 2022, in road traffic situation surrounding the positive response to the new changes of the teachers and students and parents look forward to, to do a good job in the new semester students back to school, road traffic safety management idea of county public security bureau traffic police brigade combining the reality of jurisdiction, accident prevention “reduction control” as the main line, clear goal task, take strong measures,Prevent and reduce road traffic accidents from the source, and provide a safe road traffic environment for teachers and students.Study the deployment in advance, implement the responsibility of the main body of security carefully study the time, route and possible situations of students’ return, and strengthen the deployment of police force during peak hours.Fully launch the function of township traffic control stations, increase the inspection of all kinds of students on county and township roads, and do not lose control, no leakage control.Strengthen the contact with the meteorological department, for students to return to school during the possible bad weather in advance to make emergency preparedness.Reinforced pavement controls, to hunt down all kinds of traffic law reasonably adjust police deployment and service arrangements, take a mistake on the road, mobile patrol combined with spot checks, strengthen patrol control of key period, major roads, further the good pavement ZhaKong off, investigated the unlicensed unlicensed, illegal manned, such as overcrowded traffic violations.At the same time, increase the flow of patrol inspection, strictly prevent individual passengers get on the car overcrowding, and students chartered cars for strict inspection, strictly prohibit passenger and cargo mixed loading, low speed trucks, agricultural vehicles and other vehicles illegal manned, to ensure road traffic safety.Strengthen publicity and education, improve the awareness of traffic safety actively carry out the “Beautiful Rural Trip” traffic safety tour publicity activities, the publicity will focus on the national and provincial roads and the rural areas around the school, through the distribution of publicity materials to the masses, to the case, on-site answers to questions and other ways to carry out safety publicity and education,He explained in easy-to-understand language the serious harm of traffic violations such as carrying people in agricultural vehicles and tricycles, driving without a license, drunk driving, overloading and overloading, and not wearing safety helmets. He urged the public to take the traffic safety knowledge they had learned home and carry out propaganda and education of daily traffic safety knowledge to the elderly and children at home.Strengthen the awareness of safety protection, self-reminder and civilized traffic.Up to now, dibu County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade investigated 28 cases of all kinds of traffic violations;Carried out traffic safety publicity activities in 10 villages and towns, distributed more than 300 copies of publicity materials, and educated more than 950 people, effectively ensuring the safe and smooth flow of the school and surrounding roads.

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