“Double first-class” list of universities, the list of universities is not for the purpose of classifying universities into 369 class

The Ministry of Education announced on Its website on July 14 the second round of “double First-class” universities and their construction disciplines.With the release of the list, there are different opinions, some are proud of their school, some are disappointed with their school, and even rise to the provinces and cities.Competition to keep up with the Joneses also emerges.An official from the Ministry of Education said that the “double First-class” program focuses on “construction” and is based on disciplines, rather than artificially demarcating identity and hierarchy, or distributing “hats”, let alone dividing Chinese universities into “three, six and nine”.Second construction list no longer distinguish between a first-class university first-class colleges and discipline construction in colleges and universities, explores to establish classification development, classification, classification, support the construction of evaluation system, as one of the key, guide the construction of colleges and universities to concentrate and focus on areas of the center of gravity, in essence, innovation and the direction of the breakthrough, to create truly world class.So what is “double first-class” construction university?”Double first-class universities and First-class Disciplines of the World” is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council.It is also another national strategy in China’s higher education sector following the “211 Project” and “985 Project”, which will help improve the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of China’s higher education and provide a strong pillar for realizing the “Two Centenary Goals” and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The purpose is to help a number of high-level universities and disciplines join the world’s best or leading ranks, speed up the modernization of higher education governance system and capacity, and improve the capacity of institutions of higher learning in personnel training, scientific research, social services, and cultural transmission and innovation.Make it become the important force in the knowledge discovery and scientific and technological innovation, the important source of advanced thinking and excellent culture, important base to train various kinds of high quality talents in support national innovation drive development strategy, economic and social development services, to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, and promote the development of higher education connotation, etc play a big role.

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